Meet Tokyo's Adorable Kitty Subway Rider

Proving once again that cats have excellent street-smarts, a solo kitty has now become a regular passenger of a Japanese subway. This adorable cat riding the subway in Tokyo is regularly spotted lounging on subway seats without its owner, mainly traveling on the downtown Seibu Ikebukuro line. He even decides all on his own when to get on and where to get off. The unnamed cat always looks, as most cats do, totally relaxed. According to local media outlets and other commuters, this kitty has excellent subway etiquette. The little guy seems happy to share his seat with fellow passengers — in fact, he could probably teach manspreaders a thing or two.

Japanese subway rules prevent furry travelers from riding without their owners, but the train company running the Seibu Ikebukuro has made an exception for the cat that melts everyone's heart. This tabby is not the first feline commuter the world has seen. In Dorset, England, a kitty named Dodger catches regular bus rides around his hometown. Dodger boldly curls up on other passengers' laps, and is fed canned food from well-prepared bus drivers. Fanny, a black and white kitty that hangs out at the Gipsy Hill railway station in South London, has become such a hit that she now has her own Twitter account. After all, there's nothing quite like the possibility of encountering a feline cutie to encourage us all to take public transportation more often. Take a look at Tokyo's subway cat in action: