Why Didn't Ariana Grande Walk The 2016 MTV Movie Awards Red Carpet? She Was Living It Up

While she might be famous for a few signature hairstyles, Ariana Grande doesn’t disappoint with her outfits when it comes to the red carpet, either. Unfortunately, Ariana Grande at the 2016 MTV Movie Awards wasn't a red carpet reality. According to her Snapchat story, it seems as though the singer was too busy enjoying a gray day in Los Angeles to make it to the pre-show.

While the 22-year-old singer looked to be enjoying a mellow afternoon in LA on her social media, it looks to me like Grande was planning to miss the red carpet all along. According to Pop Crush, Grande was “dodging questions about what she’ll wear on the red carpet” when interviewed on April 9 by MTV News.

Although the musician and actor was a no-show on the red carpet, she fortunately didn’t miss her performance at the awards where she did a new rendition of her song “Dangerous Woman” dressed like Marilyn Monroe.

While Grande might have had a relaxing day before her major performance, which she of course nailed, she decided to celebrate after the show with none other than a Matcha Green Tea Soy Latte with no sweetener, as her Snapchat revealed. After getting her Starbucks drink of choice, she drove around LA with her crew listening to “turnt” music, in her own Snapchat words. To further enjoy her night, Grande played the celeb-fave game “drive-by compliments” where she shouted out compliments to fans as she and her crew rode around the city.

While it is unfortunate that we didn’t get to see Grande rock the red carpet, her performance outfit was a showstopper to say the least. Scroll down to get a glimpse into Grande's night.

1. Marilyn Performance

Grande tried a different performance style for the MTV Movie Awards. When discussing her performance with MTV News, she said, "It’s more character-y and I’m excited to just have fun, play dress-up, and do a different version of it."

2. Performance Success

Grande was beaming after the success of what might be her best performance to date.

3. Celebrating With Starbucks

After a performance like that, Grande set out on the town to celebrate at none other than Starbucks.

4. Drive-By Compliments

To further commemorate the night, the singer and her crew played a game of what she likes to call "drive-by compliments." This series of compliments included light sabers and lots of shout-outs.

5. More Compliments

Before ending her night at home, Grande got in a few more rounds of compliments with her crew. To see them all, head to her Snapchat.

Moral of the story: Grande knows how to celebrate.

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