Is Whitney's 'Southern Charm' Restaurant Open? The Generalisimo Dream May Be Dead

Southern Charm star Whitney Sudler-Smith has had a lot of business ideas, but his pride and joy always seemed to be his restaurant concept for a French-Mexican eatery opening in his hometown of Charleston. And, since it's been several years in the making, will Whitney's restaurant be opening on Southern Charm anytime soon? According to an article on Charleston's, Generalísimo is not going to be opening at all anymore. The restaurant was under construction and due to open for almost two years, as seen on Southern Charm, but, officially, Eater reported that restauranteur Bryan Kestner, who was working on the French/Mexican tequila bar and fine dining establishment, decided to end the project. And, sadly, it seems like this might be permanent: Eater reported that the space has been taken over by another restaurant concept, Ink n Ivy.

That might be why you haven't heard much about the project from Whitney lately, who seems to have taken a bit of a Twitter hiatus since the end of 2015. And, it's too bad, because Generalísimo sounded pretty cool. According to other articles on Eater, they hired a pretty great chef, and were planning on having outdoor seating. It's disappointing news that it won't open, at least to me — I'm deeply fascinated by Bravolebrities' business ventures. If every major American city had at least one SUR, I'd be thrilled.

But, even without Generalísimo, there's still plenty to look forward to from Whitney and co. on Southern Charm. First up: relationship drama feat. Kathryn (who else?) and Whitney.

And, the show just wouldn't even be worth watching without Whitney's mom, Patricia — who, it must be said, was against the idea of the restaurant from the beginning. Although, that may have been because she seemed to be under the impression that Whitney was planning to be a waiter at a restaurant.

Anyway, even if she was misguided, I suppose maybe she was right and the food business is tough, so Whitney should expect the occasional setback. Perhaps this will just propel him further to come up with another restaurant concept that will be totally new to Charleston.

But, it's also possible that Whitney will totally move on from being a wannabe restauranteur. His Bravo bio doesn't even mention Generalísimo, and instead focuses on his work as a filmmaker. Maybe that means instead of trying to open an authentic Mexican restaurant, maybe he'll try to make a movie in Charleston starring the Southern Charm cast. I know I would watch.

Image: Charles Sykes, Paul Cheney/Bravo; sidewindervx/Tumblr