Why Aren't John Boyega & Oscar Isaac At The MTV Movie Awards? The 'Star Wars' Actors Are Dearly Missed

The force was strong at the 2016 MTV Movie Awards, with Star Wars: The Force Awakens nabbing 11 nominations and three wins. But where were John Boyega and Oscar Isaac at the MTV Movie Awards? The year's most bromantic onscreen duo were M.I.A. for the big event, as was their co-star, the notoriously media shy Adam Driver. That left Daisy Ridley and J.J. Abrams to rep the Star Wars team all on their own. But where was the rest of their crew, if not alongside them at the awards? More than likely filming.

Boyega and Isaac have become major deals since they appeared in The Force Awakens as Finn and Poe, and both seem to be in the midst of filming Star Wars: Episode VIII ( Ridley is too, but come on, Rey had to show up in-person to nab her golden popcorn for Best Breakthrough Performance). As recently as April 1, Boyega was phoning in from London to discuss Star Wars with USA Today, and he also snagged an invite to The Queen's birthday on April 21. While Boyega hasn't been active on social media in recent weeks, I think it is safe to assume he is in the United Kingdom filming Episode VIII or taking a well-deserved break.

As for his co-star and partner in TIE Fighter piloting, Isaac, the man is preparing to launch what is sure to be another major hit, X-Men: Apocalypse. The movie hits theaters May 18, and Isaac is playing the big bad. He also has three more movies coming up in 2016 and 2017 in addition to Episode VII, so he likely doesn't have too much room in his schedule for attending events.

While it is a bummer that Isaac and Boyega couldn't make it to the MTV Movie Awards, there is an upside: they could be filming more Poe and Finn scenes right now. The timeless bromance of Poe and Finn cannot be stopped by a little thing like an awards ceremony. On April 4, Luke Skywalker — err... I mean Mark Hamill — shared a photo of himself with Lupita Nyong’o and Isaac at Disney's London studio, and it definitely looks like most of the Star Wars gang either had to stay behind in the UK for filming, or chose a relaxing weekend over the hustle and bustle of international travel.

That's OK, though. Boyega and Isaac may be bro'ing things up across the pond, but Ridley is totally going to be able to flaunt her tasty looking new award when she gets back to the set. Now the real question is, which is better: a lightsaber or a trophy that looks like popcorn?

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