20 Mother's Day Gifts For New Moms That They Will Actually Love

Mother's Day is obviously a special time for every mom out there, but it has an especially memorable meaning for new moms. Celebrating your first Mother's Day is exciting, sweet, and rewarding. This year, focus on these badass ladies with perfect Mother’s Day gift ideas for new moms for 2016.

Whether you are buying a gift for a friend or a close relative, you really want a Mother's Day gift for a new mom to be about the mom — not about the baby. This is one day when that mama can be totally selfish and get something for her, not something for her child. Opt for gifts that focus on relaxation and getting rid of stress, something that will make her laugh, or something that will help her remember and cherish the first year of her baby's life. Give the new mom in your life a Mother's Day to remember, even if she is feeling seriously tense and exhausted. There is something here for everyone — items that are small and fun, products that are a little more of a splurge, and trinkets that are way more sentimental. Here are 20 Mother's Day gifts that new moms will actually love.

1. Smartphone Lenses

3-In-1 Smartphone Lens Kit, $34, Urban Outfitters

A new mom wants to capture every single precious baby moment that happens on film. In 2016, this generally means using a smartphone to take photos rather than an actual camera. Help her get the best photos possible with her phone with a smartphone lens kit. This kit includes three different lenses so that she can make the best of her phone camera.

2. A Travel Coffee Mug

ban.do Hot Stuff Thermal Mug, $20, Amazon

If there's one thing every new mom (and moms in general) need to survive, it's good coffee. Make it easy for a mom on the go with this adorable travel coffee mug. It communicates exactly what she needs and can be taken anywhere — or just used from home. Everyone needs a fun mug!

3. A Memory Book

Baby's First Year Memory Book, $35, Amazon

If you're buying a Mother's Day gift for a brand new mom who just had her baby, or for the pregnant mommy-to-be in your life, this memory book makes for a really sweet gift. It includes pages for memories of each month, along with other memory prompts. There are also spots for photos, birthday pages, and spots to put footprints and birth announcements, as well as news of what's going on in the world. Help her remember every moment with this.

4. A Comfy Robe

Natori Nirvana Robe, $59, Amazon

What does every new mom need no matter what? Comfortable lounge clothes to wear while she's home with the baby. A cozy robe is the perfect gift, and is a cute indulgence. This one includes large pockets that she'll most definitely need.

5. A Stylish Baby Backpack

Tory Burch Travel Nylon Baby Backpack, $375, Nordstrom

Looking for the right gift for the stylish new mom in your life? If you're willing to spend a little bit more, this baby backpack could not be a better fit. Although it might not have as much room as some diaper bags, this backpack is super easy and comfortable to carry around anywhere, and it still fits a decent amount of items. It comes with a bunch of pockets for easy organization and a removable changing pad, as well as optional straps so that it can be worn as a messenger bag as well. The nylon material also makes it easy to clean. This is ideal for the super chic mom who isn't willing to sacrifice her style.

6. A Handheld Massager

HoMedics Percussion Action Handheld Massager With Heat, $40, Amazon

Whether she's a pregnant mom-to-be, or a mom dealing with a little baby, any mother will love and appreciate a handheld massager. This one is easy to use, has three different heads, and offers a heated feature. A gift certificate to the spa is nice, but this lets her get a break from the comfort of her own home whenever she wants.

7. A Monthly Beauty Subscription

Birchbox Gift Subscription, Prices Vary, Birchbox

Give a new mom a gift that keeps on giving with a monthly beauty subscription. Birchbox is a super popular option for its cheap price and awesome beauty samples. The box comes once a month and includes five sample size beauty products that can range from brand new nail polish to hair products to makeup to lotion. It's so nice for a mom to get a little treat in the mail once a month.

8. A New Mom Necklace

Dogeared New Mom Safety Pin Necklace, $66, Nordstrom

This cute safety pin necklace has a sweet message to new moms everywhere. The delicate charm and chain make this necklace ideal for layering with different pieces, or just wearing it on its own. It's a little quirky and different, which just makes it more fun. Who said every gift has to have a purpose other than to make the receiver happy?

9. A Mom Mug

Mom First Mother's Day Mug, $14, Etsy

How adorable is this mug? It's so simple, but it's something she'll want to hold onto forever. She can use it whether she's drinking coffee to get the day started on the right foot, or drinking a cup of tea to relax.

10. Slip-On Sneakers

Vans Classic Perforated Slip-On Sneakers, $60, Amazon

Being a new mom is really hard work. While it's totally possible for new moms to get everything done in heels, some moms prefer to stay comfy and wear something that allows them to zip around quickly, even with a baby in hand. Get the new mom in your life these Vans slip-on sneakers. Trust me. They're ridiculously comfortable, they go with everything, they keep your feet cool even when it's hot out, and they make running around a breeze. They're also very stylish right now, which is just a plus.

11. A Trinket Box

Congrats On Making A Tiny Human Trinket Box, $18, Francesca's

Cute trinket boxes always make great gifts because we could all probably use one, but we never buy them for ourselves. This one has an adorable saying on it, and will make any new mom smile every time she sees it.

12. A Tee That Explains Everything

I Am Very Busy Tee, $30, ban.do

New moms are busy, whether they're juggling work and a child, taking care of a house and a child, or just trying to keep their lives together as best as they can. Get her a shirt that explains everything to everyone without her having to say a word.

13. A Meal Subscription Service

Blue Apron Gift, $10 For 1 Week, Blue Apron

Going to the grocery store and making a delicious, unique dinner? Sometimes it's just not possible when you're juggling a new baby and everything else in your life. Make a new mom's life a little bit easier with a subscription to a meal service. I'm personally a huge fan of Blue Apron. They deliver three meals a week that can be for four people or for two. The meals are easy to put together but seem super impressive, they taste good, and they feature fresh and seasonal ingredients.

14. A Chic Diaper Bag

Skip Hop Versa Extendable Diaper Bag, $60, Amazon

Does a diaper bag need to be glamorous and stylish? No, of course not — but some moms would prefer to carry one that is. If the new mom in your life is like that, go for this Skip Hop diaper bag. It comes in black with gold hardware, so at first glance, it doesn't even look like a diaper bag. The coolest part is that it's expandable, which makes it really versatile. It's made of lightweight material, has a front pocket for a phone in easy reach, two insulated bottle pockets plus nine extra pockets for organization, straps that easily slide onto strollers, and a cushioned changing pad.

15. A Bath Set

Just For Mom Wrapped Gift, $60, Lush

What's more relaxing than finding the time for a soothing bath? Give a new mom a reason to take some much-needed time for herself with this Lush gift set. It was made for new moms, and includes bright, fun packaging with some of the nicest bath products out there: two bath bombs, a bubble bar, moisturizer, soap, shower gel, and hand cream.

16. A Sassy Eye Mask

Needlepoint Eye Mask, $39, Mark & Graham

Speaking of relaxation time, you can always go smaller with a cute eye mask like this one. "Not now" pretty much says it all.

17. A Five Year Journal

Q&A A Day For Moms Five Year Journal, $10, Amazon

This gift is perfect for the extra sentimental new mom in your life. This little book asks a new question every day for five years with plenty of space to answer. It was made for moms in mind and will help her see how her baby changes over time.

18. Comfy Leggings

The Everywhere Legging, $50, Victoria's Secret

Again: new moms want to be comfortable a lot of the time. Make it easy for her to feel comfy and not feel like a total bum with these yoga leggings. They offer a comfortable fit, will allow her to move around with no problem, and take gym chic to a new level.

19. A Diaper Pouch

Twelvelittle Easy Diaper Pouch In Grey, $30, Amazon

This little guy is great for moms to throw in their handbag or diaper bag for extra storage. It's designed to hold up to four diapers, one wipe case, and a changing pad. It can also be used to hold snacks or clothes if needed. This is a great small gift she didn't know she needed.

20. Babysitting Coupons

Printable Love Coupons, $5, Etsy

What does every new mom really need? A night out where she doesn't have to worry about her baby. Give her a book of coupons full of babysitting vouchers (that you will actually allow her to redeem). You can make these if you're feeling crafty, or find them all over Etsy.

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