'Star Wars' Deserved Its Win For Movie Of The Year

Hear ye, hear ye! I've got some news, Star Wars fans, and you're gonna love it. On Saturday, Star Wars: The Force Awakens won the MTV Movie Award for Best Movie, and the honor is a pretty big deal. Sure, the MTV Movie Awards aren't the Oscars or the Golden Globes, but that doesn't mean the show isn't important in a different, less critical way. TFA's win at Saturday's show means that a movie's success doesn't only come from what critics think, or many "real" awards it can win. When fans love a movie and make it known, sometimes that's all that really matters. After all, a film with a cult following like TFA really is made for the fans.

Of course, blockbusters aren't all great and deserving of awards, but many fans would argue that Star Wars didn't get the critical recognition it deserved because of it being a box office king. But its popularity with fans — per Box Office Mojo, Star Wars has grossed $935,518,389 domestically to date — is a big deal, and it's great the MTV Movie Awards recognized it. The show is about celebrating the movies that we, the fans, love, and with its choice for Best Movie, the show made that focus very clear.

The award itself was accepted by both Daisy Ridley and J.J. Abrams, showing that not only is the face of the movie proud to be a part of it, but that its director is just as excited about the fan love towards his film. According to MTV News, Abrams said that it was an "incredible honor" for him to be a "part of the Star Wars saga," and both stars seemed thrilled to accept the honor. Who wouldn't be? They made freakin' Star Wars. That's an award in and of itself.

And Ridley and Abrams made sure people knew how excited they were to be at the show. As MTV News recapped, the duo entered the stage through a "recreation of the First Order' Starkiller Base," while audience members held "hundreds of lightsabers." Pretty cool, right? It's clear that the Star Wars team understands how much the movie's popularity with fans matters, and that they don't take its MTV Movie Awards wins lightly. Congrats, Star Wars, on some very well-deserved honors.

Image: Lucasfilm