Maddie Conrad's Style On 'Nashville' Has Changed A Lot Since Season 1 — PHOTOS

If you're a huge fan of ABC's Nashville, you've probably noticed by now that Maddie Conrad, the daughter of country star Rayna James, has made quite the transformation in the four seasons of the show — and her sense of style is totally enviable! And because it's worth taking notes on, I'm going to walk you through Maddie Conrad's style transformation starting with Season 1.

In the last two seasons, Maddie has gone from living in the shadows of her mother's fame to becoming a rising country star of her own. Following her passion for music, she and her younger sister Daphne sign their first record label and Maddie begins writing songs with big-name stars like Juliette Barnes.

While Rayna continues to shield her daughters from the harsh realities of stardom, we slowly see Maddie transforming into a full-blown star. Her hair is getting blonder and her clothes are becoming trendier, which seems to reflect her rise to fame. Sure, part of it is just growing up, but the bottom line is she looks straight-up fabulous and has quickly gone from girl-next-door to total celeb trendsetter.

No matter the season, though, she has always been totally adorable. Let's take a trip down Maddie Conrad memory lane, shall we?

1. Maddie & Little Sister Daphne Ride To School

The official Nashville Instagram account recently posted this #tbt. How adorable are those uniforms?!

2. Off Campus School Girl Pt. 1

Still wearing her glasses, Maddie mixes a few patterns, keeping her look youthful.

3. Off Duty School Girl Pt. 2

Maddie and her little sister sit together over a meal in brightly colored patterns.

4. Maddie Hangs Out With Juliette Barnes

In Season 2, we start seeing the friendship between Maddie and country star Juliette Barnes blossoming, from seeking advice to total mentorship. Maddie's style starts to become a little more bohemian.

5. Full-Blown School Girl

As Maddie's talents start getting recognition, she gets up on stage at a local bar with her younger sister Daphne and her mom, Rayna James, at a local bar. While she wears her classic school uniform, her hair is slightly blonder and we begin to see those country curls come out!

6. First Signs Of Stardom

Maddie sports an adorable pink dress on stage with her sister, Daphne...

And soon after we see her take the stage solo in a white lace crochet top.

7. Young Love Blossoms

Maddie begins dating Colt Wheeler, son of country star Luke Wheeler. She sports a sexy and sophisticated black lace dress before getting up on stage for her first debut with Juliette Barnes.

8. Getting Ready For Mom's Wedding

Maddie sits with her aunt and sister at her mom's wedding wearing a pair booties with a lace dress.

As you can see, Maddie's hair and makeup is totally glam and she has become quite the fashionista. So, if you aren't already watching the show, she's one to keep an eye on!

Images: Courtesy of ABC