Shoshi Oylmpics Starring 'Girls' Shoshanna Is Here Thanks to Genius Of One Timely Tumblr

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The Internet is all about alternate universes. "What if Buffy Summers had existed within the same universe as Harry from One Direction?" "What if Panem had Jon Stewart as a satirist of their dystopian lives?" "What if Walter White could watch himself lose the Emmy?" It's also, at times, a place for surrealist art. Sometimes, as if kismet, these two collide. Such is the case with the great new tumblr "Shoshigames," which takes the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics and plops in Shoshanna from Girls . Because why not?

You should really go to for the full experience, but we've put a few of our favorite moments from it into a slideshow, accompanied by (what else?) quotes from Shoshanna Shapiro herself.

Images: Tumblr

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