Ryan Reynolds' Quote About Blake Is All The Goals

by Lindsay Mannering

On Saturday night, a new standard of #relationshipgoals was established when Ryan Reynolds mentioned Blake Lively in his acceptance speech at the 2016 MTV Movie Awards. At the ceremony, which airs Sunday night, Reynolds accepted the golden popcorn for Best Comedic Performance for his role in Deadpool. Salt-N-Pepa presented him the trophy — and dropped a surprise performance of their '90s hit "Shoop" — and Reynolds was prepared to accept. The man made a great speech, thanking the fans, the studio, and of course, his wife of three years.

To start, the actor said:

I have been trying to get Deadpool made for over a decade and I failed and it's you the fans that got this made. The reason I'm standing up here is because of you guys, and we had blast working on this movie, but it wasn't all unicorns and cocaine.

Then the "thanks" started rolling in.

I'd like to thank Twentieth Century Fox, the Deadpool team, the entire crew up in Vancouver.

Shout out to Canada from a Canadian, eh? Love it. Then, just when you thought he was wrapping up, Reynolds dropped a line about Lively that will melt your eyeballs with its heat and hilarity.

I want to thank my wife — everything I do is to make her laugh, especially the sex. Thank you.

Stop. Just, stop. It's too good. It's earnest. It's funny. It's heartfelt. It's funny. It's warm. It's funny. Stop.

It seems like it goes both ways, though. Looks like Lively tries to make him laugh, too:

Watch his speech:

So many LOLs. So much love. Reynolds and Lively for co-presidents.