Chris Pratt's Latest Speech Will Make You Melt

Whether they're dishing about braiding hair or making public appearances together, I'm forever going to be jealous of Chris Pratt and Anna Faris' relationship. Chris Pratt's 2016 MTV Movie Awards acceptance speech for Best Action Performance in Jurassic World included homages to a host of awesome action stars (that went on and on in an hilarious way), but most importantly his wife, Anna Faris.

"Our son was destined to be tough; but thanks to you, he will be smart, too," Pratt said. Isn't that adorable? Of course he appreciates his wife for her awesome, awesome brain. As he should. Besides, have you ever heard anything about this couple that didn't make you melty? I'll give you a second. Got nothing? That's because no, you haven't heard anything about this couple that didn't make you swoon. He called her "darlin'" too — I mean come on. Pratt and Faris are serious #RelationshipGoals.

And while it may seem like Pratt is in every action movie these days, this category was actually pretty stacked with competition. It includes male and female action stars (amazing) and this year's nominees were MTV Movie Awards host Dwayne Johnson for San Andreas, Jennifer Lawrence for Mockingjay Part 2, Star Wars: The Force Awakens star John Boyega, Deadpool himself Ryan Reynolds, and a "little known" action hero Vin Diesel, who was nominated for Furious 7 and is Pratt's co-star in Guardians of the Galaxy. So it's pretty impressive that Pratt came out on top — and all the better that he got to make a great shout-out to his family during his acceptance speech.