Emilia Clarke's Impressions At The MTV Movie Awards Prove The 'Game Of Thrones' Star Kills It With Comedy Too — VIDEO

Who knew that the best thing about Andy Samberg and Emilia Clarke presenting an award for Best Fight would have nothing at all to do with Game of Thrones? As it turns out, Clarke's impressions at the MTV Movie Awards totally stole the moment. The Game of Thrones' star mimicked both The Godfather and Borat during her quick set, and it was one of the night's most delightful surprises.

This isn't the first time that Clarke has wowed fans with her impression skills, however. She did a mean Valley Girl on Jimmy Kimmel a while back and just recently competed with Jake Gyllenhaal and Cara Delevingne on the Graham Norton show with Arnold Schwarzenegger impressions. But her MTV Movie Awards set of impressions might be her best yet, for how silly and amusing they were.

No one would mistake Clarke for one of the characters she pretends to be, but it does make for some great entertainment that fans watching could definitely enjoy. Perhaps after Game of Thrones, Clarke has a stand-up comedy set in her future — and maybe Samberg, a star known for his comedic chops, could give her some tips. You can watch Clarke's impressions from the MTV Movie Awards below.