How To Get Squad Bowls For Your, Well, Squad

If you've been on social media in any way in the past year or so, you're familiar the hashtag #SquadGoals. It's used in humorous ways and makes us all aspire to having the highest quality squad you can possibly have. While watching the 2016 MTV Movie Awards, I noticed a commercial that made me stop everything and wonder, "Are Squad Bowls from Cinnamon Toast Crunch real?" And they totally are. Announced by General Mills on Friday, #SquadBowls is a set of three, five, or six connected bowls ready for you and your squad to munch on Cinnamon Toast Crunch (or other favorite cereals) with multiple spoons. And it even cleverly rhymes with #SquadGoals.

If you feel like your #SquadGoals are definitely #SquadBowls, you can order the handcrafted porcelain bowls for a limited time through April 17 at SquadBowls.com and 10 bowls will be available per day for $0.99, while orders after that will be priced at $59.99 plus shipping, according to the press release. "We realized that these days, our squad is our life and we wanted to create something to help our fans share an everyday experience with their squads," Achala Gopal, senior marketing communications planner for Cinnamon Toast Crunch in the statement. McCann Global brought the fun idea to the cereal company and there was even a tongue-in-cheek infomercial created for the promotion. Because why not?

Twitter, though, was a bit puzzled by this new way to eat cereal.

This isn't the first piece of social media savvy merchandise released by the cereal brand. Last year, Cinnamon Toast Crunch gave us the Selfie Spoon, a spoon attached to a selfie stick so you can take selfies while you munch on your bowls of cereal. That campaign similarly had an infomercial and a limited supply.

So don't worry, you definitely heard that commercial right. #SquadBowls are definitely real, but are they something we need? It depends on what your #SquadGoals are.

Image: Cinnamon Toast Crunch/YouTube