'American Idol's Alex Preston is a Shoo-in Semifinalist, Puts Britney Spears to Shame

Tonight, the American Idol contestants duke it out in the final round of Hollywood Week before the semifinalists are chosen on Thursday night. While there is more than a handful of amazing talent and we're sure there are a list of surprises in store for the next two episodes, the fate of American Idol contestant Alex Preston won't surprise us. With his unique musical sound and untaught talent, we're almost certain he will come out of the competition at least a semi-finalist.

Preston debuted his jazzy original style at his American Idol audition, beating away at his guitar to a tune he wrote all by himself. When Judge Harry Connick Jr. started inquiring about the singer's unique sound, Preston admitted that he has never taken vocal or guitar lessons and plays with his hands because he can't use a guitar pick. Sounds like the making of a standout star!

Preston wowed us again during the first round of individual performances of Hollywood Week, where he sang a rendition of Britney Spear's "Scream and Shout" that was so unique, we couldn't place where we'd heard the song before. When we finally figured out whose song it was, we had to admit we almost preferred the new rendition to Spears' electronic version.

With his down-to-earth vibe, remarkable musical ability and undeniable originality, we're sure he will make it straight to the top of the competition. We've already fallen in love and it's only a matter of time before all of America does as well.

Image: Fox