25 Passionate Tweets About Kylie's Metal Mattes

She's tryna break the Internet again! Kylie Jenner's Kylie Cosmetics is launching three Metal Matte lipstick shades as part of her Coachella Collection. Makeupistas and Lip Kit koveteurs, as I like to call them, have hardly had a chance to fully process and shop her brand new Kylie Glosses. If the wide, wild, and wonderfully emotional gamut of Twitter reactions to the announcement of Jenner's new, chrome-like lipsticks is any indication, this on-sale is on track to obliterate the worldwide web. Clearly, there are a lot of "heavy metal" fans out there, because Jenner's announcement stirred up quite a bit of chatter in the Twitterverse.

A common reaction? Some makeupistas who weren't super into the Kylie Lip Kits or into Jenner's cosmetics brand admitted to having their minds changed upon seeing swatches of the Metal Matte shades and texture.

Based on my personal assessment via the teaser photos of the shade swatches, Heir (rose gold), King K (gold), and Reign (blush) will coat lips with a metallic, attention-grabbing finish. They are super sexy and statement-making.

Observe the shades below. But here's a warning of sorts. They are so gorgeous that you will want to scoop up as many as possible when they go on sale, the date of which is TBD.

Here is Jenner's confirm that the Metal Mattes are part of her Coachella collection.

It's totally acceptable to gawk at them again.

Check out the packaging, which also tells you everything you need to know about the shades and the texture.

Now, let's enjoy 25 passionate and telling Twitter reactions to the announcement, which range from lustful anticipation to approval of the shades to stress about how to pay for or how to shop them successfully.

Call her a convert. Or a "konvert."


Another person had their mind changed.

I hear that.

No crying! Not even tears of joy! It'll make your mascara run.

Oh, if it only it were as simple as giving in and clicking "buy." Getting a Kylie Lip Kit or Kylie Gloss requires planning, patients, and persistence. I expect the same for the Metal Mattes.

Nothing says "love" like lipstick.

Truth... but look at those shades. They are so worth parting ways with your loot for.

Tears of joy happen sometimes... even if your eye makeup runs because of them.

IDK about saving lives, but they will definitely save some lips. I appreciate this sentiment so, so much!

More like "Slay, King, Slay," since there is the King K shade.

Reign supreme, yo!

Serious lust here!

That's brand trust right there.

You can so sense the excitement.

Jenner is luring non-KLK fans to her lair with the Metal Mattes.

Of course a hawt mama needs her Metal Mattes.

I have said this many times — Kylie Jenner doesn't follow trends. She starts them.

They are life.

Well, the Oscar statuette is gold. So is the King K Metal Matte Lipstick.

It's an embarrassment of riches, yo!

Fans may get the Metal Mattes RN, since they are Coachella-inspired and that event is literally right around the corner.

This Twitter user had a non-common reaction!

Some makeup lovers are coming around!

Brains and beauty.

The general Twitter reaction to the Kylie Metal Mattes has been largely positive.

Images: Kylie Cosmetics/Instagram (2); Kylie Jenner/Instagram (1)