John Oliver Delves Into The Panama Papers On 'LWT'

by Andi O'Rourke

The Panama Papers dropped on Sunday, April 3, but didn't make it into the coverage on last week's episode of Last Week Tonight. This week, however, the beginning of the program was devoted to the funnyman's take on the 2.6 terabyte, 11 million documents leak of Mossack Fonseca's internal data. John Oliver delved into the Panama Papers on Sunday, leaving you with that somewhat pleasing melancholic feeling that comes from realizing how messed up the world can be while having a good laugh or two at the same time.

Oliver shows a clip from the square outside of Iceland's Parliament building that features an Icelandic dude with the most on-point eyeliner seen on cable news this year, suggesting that maybe his countrymen and women aren't throwing enough at the facade.

"They're either angry at the PM, or encouraging him to get on the paleo diet" before ribbing on paleo dieters, Oliver says, to much audience applause.

"It seems in Iceland, the line of succession goes Prime Minister; the guy in charge of the fish; the secretary of licorice flavored schnapps; a litany of elves who live in assorted boulders; and, finally, anyone in a warm sweater who is feeling political. And if you're thinking, 'C'mon, how could he forget Bjork?' I didn't. She was one of the elves. Pay attention, pay attention," he said, to titters from the crowd.

"It was not only the leader of Iceland in trouble. The president of Argentina, and Ukraine and the King of Saudi Arabia, among several others, were directly linked, while U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron was accused by critics of benefiting from his father's newly-revealed investment fund, that he vigorously denied." Yet, there's always more to the story.

As Oliver is quick to point out, Cameron said "I own no shares," using the present tense. Using research team to the fullest, he then shows evidence showing that Cameron did own shares at one point, but had sold them. "It's a bit like A-Rod saying he has no steroids in his body. Which is true now, but it wasn't always the case, was it?" There is no love lost between Oliver and the increasingly beleaguered Cameron; whether or not his resignation follows the PM of Iceland remains to be seen.

Oliver clearly delivered on popular demand by adding to the ongoing coverage of the Panama Papers; whether or not the story will keep evolving is keeping everyone on at the edge of their seats. Check out the segment below.