Big Wow, Palin Considering Running for Senate

Brace yourselves, people. 2008 vice presidential candidate and former Republican governor, Sarah Palin, might be running for Alaskan Senate in 2014.

“I’ve considered it because people have requested me considering it," she told the press in a television interview on Tuesday.

As surprising as that might sound, a recent poll does suggest that Palin leads the Republican primary ballot. Then again, the poll was conducted on less than 380 people.

A larger survey conducted by Huffpost/YouGov suggests that 52 percent of adults have a pretty poor opinion of Palin. And according to a poll taken by Public Policy Polling in February of this year, the ex-Governor doesn't have too big a fan-base in Alaska either.

"Alaskans are pretty clearly done with Sarah Palin,” the President of Public Policy Polling said. “They wouldn’t support her for the Senate, they wouldn’t support her for President, and they have an ever lower opinion of her than they do of Congress.”

If she does decide to run, Palin would be competing against Democratic Senator Mark Begich, whose term finishes in 2014 but is up for re-election.

"Senator Mark Begich has got to be replaced," Palin said in the interview.

The other two Republican contenders for the 2014 race are Joe Miller and Governor Mead Treadwell. Good luck, Alaska.