The Most-Watched Vids From The Past 9 Years

Do you remember a time when YouTube didn't exist? Me neither. It feels sort of like the internet, it hasn't been around all that long, but it's hard to remember functioning without it. On that note, I'm amazed to recognize that Friday, Feb. 14th marks the 9th anniversary of YouTube, the world's most popular video hosting channel. It was nine years ago that the channel was first launched, prompting creative minds everywhere to take advantage of a new and innovative sharing platform. It's launched the careers of makeup artists, athletes, and of course, pop sensations like Justin Bieber. While many videos have stood the test of time, from the infamous dramatic chipmunk, to Charlie biting fingers, we have compiled some of the highest performing entertainment videos to ever debut on YouTube for your viewing pleasure. That's right Rebecca Black, your 15 minutes aren't over.

Keyboard Cat

While mankind might be split down the middle in terms of dog and cat lovers, the internet is unanimously decided: It loves cats. Black cats, white cats, orange cats and kittens. And it especially love musical cats. A tabby dressed in blue with stiff paws playing a tune on the keyboard? Yes, please. Honestly, what could be more viral?

Leave Britney Alone!

Britney Spears' MTV Video Music Awards performance in 2007 was a complete and utter failure. But don't tell Chris Crocker that.

Evolution of Dance

You've seen Jimmy Fallon's many renditions, but the late night host owes original Evolution of Dancer Judson Laipply credit for the brilliant idea.

Call Me Maybe

Spoiler alert! He's gay.

Potter Puppet Pals

Remember when Harry Potter parodies were the only thing you'd see on YouTube? One of the best that came out of the slue of renditions, and certainly the most creative, featured a handful of... hands, puppets, and a very interesting, and fatal, narrative.

Rebecca Black's "Friday"

What comes after Thursday and before Saturday?

Chocolate Rain

Tay Zonday's original song "Chocolate Rain" showcases his deep and bizarre pipes.

Hitler Hates iPads

And you thought you hated spoilers.

Gangnam Style

The music video that would be spoofed in proposal videos for a full 12 months.

Image: Getty Images