Dream of the '90s is alive in 'Portlandia' Clip

by Celeste Mora

Portlandia has done a lot of good parodies of life in Portland, but this season might show us whole new ways to mock hipsterdom, steampunks, yuppies, and the organically obsessed. Everypunk's favorite dose of sketch irony returns this February, and this new Portlandia teaser clip should be the most exciting thing for Portlandia-lovers since tallboys of Ranier. I know that as a new Portlandian, the possibility of more shenanigans like Fred and Carrie dating the same person, Sparkle Pony almost performing at Blunderbuss, and the ladies at Women & Women First annoying another guest star get my coarse-wool skirts in a bunch.

In this clip, Fred plays an art teacher at Portland Community College, where Carrie is a student, and they are trying to make "anti-corporate art" (which, I have heard, is the highest calling for the artists of Portlandia). The finale, where the art is sold in an Urban Outfitters I recognize from NW Portland, showed us yet another clever Portlandia prank. When one of the Urban Outfitters employee's heads blew up, I could almost hear Fred Armisen's dorky laugh in the distance. I am excited to watch Season 4 from Portland this year, and after watching this clip, you'll be excited to see Fred and Carrie from wherever you stream your entertainment. The dream of the '90s is back.

Image: Getty Images