Tom Hanks Tops 'Forbes’' Most Trustworthy Celebrity List But He's Fooled All Y'all

There's no real point in trusting or not trusting celebrities because it's not like you're ever going to have to lend them money or ask them if your new skirt is flattering. But in case you fear not knowing which celeb to turn to if you ever need advice, Forbes has released their list of most trustworthy celebrities. The list ranks 6,600 celebrities based on 46 attributes and was complied by a public opinion poll. Tom Hanks ranked as the most trustworthy celebrity and four other seemingly honest celebs rounded out the top five. While these celebrities might appear trustworthy on the surface, you should probably think twice before trusting them. They have some tricks up their sleeves just like everyone else.

1. Tom Hanks

He has two Academy Awards meaning he knows what he's doing and has received the top honor for best pretender twice. If you do a trust fall with him, don't be surprised if he drops you and then breaks into a powerful monologue about the trials of the battlefield.

2. Carol Burnett

She was nominated for Grammy this year for Best Spoken Word Album. Did you know that? Exactly! She's sneaky!

3. Morgan Freeman

This one is obvious. Freeman can't be trusted because of his voice. That voice can convince anyone to do anything. It can even convince you to give him a high ranking on Forbes polls.

4. Michael J. Fox

Last name is Fox. 'Nuff said.

5. Betty White

She claimed to be named Rose Nylund from St. Olaf, Minn. for seven years before revealing her true identity. Also, she is 92 years old. She knows how the world works and knows how to get what she wants... your trust.

Image: Getty Images