Zella Day Has Some Key Festival Fashion Advice

by Sienna Fantozzi

Spring is here and that means more than just beach season — it's also festival season, which in recent years has become almost more about the fashion than the music. While it's so much fun to try out your favorite boho or rocker chic styles and experiment with new, edgy trends, let's be real — it's hot out there, and that can seriously kill your style game. Luckily, I've got some tips from how to look cute at a music festival, even when you're all hot and sweaty. And these tips come from a performer, so you're definitely going to want to pay attention.

Indie pop artist Zella Day is on the lineup at Lollapalooza, Billboard's Hot 100 Fest, the iHeartRadio Music Festival, and Coachella, so it's safe to say she's an expert when it comes to dressing stylishly in the heat. As sweaty as you are sitting around listening to music, imagine how much more intense it is when you're playing the music. Truth.

Just because it's 100 plus degrees out doesn't mean you have to resign yourself to making zero fashion statements (or suffering for the sake of fashion), you just have to choose the right materials and the right styles to stay cool and comfortable. If you're hitting up a festival this season, here are some tips for looking stylish in the heat, from one of the artists herself.

1. Don't Worry About Trends

It's easy to get caught up in what's in and what everyone else is wearing, but the first step towards being comfortable is wearing what you want to wear. And bonus: You'll be more likely to make a statement if you're not dressed like everyone else out there. "I put in the work to not follow trends. My first outfit for Coachella is vintage and the second one is currently being custom made by some of my closest girlfriends," Day says.

2. Choose Light Colors

Even if black is your signature color, stay away from it in the heat. You want to choose lighter colors and cool silhouettes. "I’m all about a lightly colored prairie dress with spaghetti straps," says Day.

3. Avoid Certain Materials

As hard as it may be, some materials are just not made for a music festival. Day says, "I’m staying away from velvet for the festival, which is difficult for me because it’s usually my go-to fabric."

4. Forget The Shoes

Day has an easy, natural way to stay cool: "Kick off those damn shoes! Toes need to breathe." Amen.

5. Keep Your Hair Natural

You don't want to look too over-done at a festival, anyway, so to combat humidity and the heat, keep your hair curly and natural, and avoid touching it. "The second you stick your fingers in there, the sweat comes to the surface," Day says.

6. Ditch The Makeup

Forget all the waterproof products, in Day's opinion, "no makeup, no stress."

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