MTV Knows Who Your Soulmate Is

by Emma Cueto

Ever wanted to know which of your friends you're secretly destined to be with? Don't worry, MTV has you covered. As part of promoting their new show, Are You the One ? (premiering Valentine's Day on MTV Asia), the network created a handy-dandy digital matchmaker that combs through your Facebook friends to let you know which of them would be your perfect fit. And if it sounds silly, it might be because it's all about promoting a show with the premise of: "20 young singles try to find their perfect matches. If they all succeed, they win 1 million US dollars."

But hey, who knows, maybe the show's online "Match Machine" really can find you the person of your dreams, already there, hidden among your Facebook friends. You know, if you're looking for a last-minute Valentine's Day date. I have to say, though, I hope your luck is better than mine. I gave it a go and was immediately matched up with a friend who is very sweet and smart and funny...and gay. Well, so much for my chances of finding a soul mate before Friday. But best of luck to the rest of you crazy kids looking for love!

(Sorry, Ben. I think this is just awkward for everyone, now. But I promise you were the best of my results!)

Check out the Match Machine here.

Image: Getty Images