These 7 Cities Can Actually Handle a Snowstorm: The Toughest Towns in America

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We lesser mortals are beginning to lose hope. Winter Storm Pax hit the Northeast this week, leaving many of us to wonder if we can take much more of this. Between our lingering PTSD from the polar vortex and Valentine's Day, this is shaping up to be the the worst winter ever to be single.

But some people are tougher than all that. If you live in one of these seven cities, you’ll probably make it through relatively unscathed. As far as we can tell, these towns all handle snowstorms like absolute professionals.

To measure who's toughest, we looked at both the average annual snowfall for cities across the U.S., and (with the help of this handy map created by Redditor atrubetskoy) the average amount of snow it typically takes for schools to close. Along with a little extra digging into how cities cope with storms on a more personal level, we're pretty confident that these are the toughest towns out there.

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