Stephanie's Getting A Boyfriend On 'Fuller House'

by Kaitlin Reilly

When we first met Full House's Stephanie Tanner, she was a sassy kid whose deepest romantic relationship was with her childhood "husband" Harry Takayama. Now that Stephanie is a grown woman (and disc jockey named DJ Tanner) we finally get to explore Steph's romantic life. Unfortunately for nostalgia-ridden Full House fans who wanted to see Stephanie end up with Harry, Steph's fake hubby is engaged to another woman and is destined to be the one that Steph let get away. That's not to say that Stephanie hasn't tried her hand at dating since her faux-marriage days: Fuller House has painted Stephanie as a serial dater who tends to mix up the names of the guys in her rotation. But could Season 2 of Fuller House change all of that? It's certainly a possibility. According to TVLine, Stephanie will have a boyfriend in Season 2 of Fuller House , and from the description he sounds totally perfect for the middle Tanner sister.

Unlike her sister DJ and her new roommate Kimmy, Stephanie hasn't walked down the aisle or started a family. The reason for that, according to Fuller House, is partly because Stephanie physically can't have children. Of course, having biological kids of your own doesn't make a family: Stephanie clearly has her hands full with both DJ and Kimmy's kids, and though she doesn't have a so-called "traditional family," that doesn't mean her life isn't totally full of love — and about to get even fuller. According to TVLine, Stephanie will meet a musician named Jimmy in Season 2 who will completely sweep her off of her feet — even though he's no traditional Romeo. TVLine describes Jimmy as someone who looks at life "differently" than the rest of the world, and though he's "sexy" he's also got a bit of a "weird side." (Hmm... anyone else think this guy sounds a whole lot like Kimmy?!)

This guy sounds pretty perfect for Stephanie, especially because Stephanie is a bit of a free spirit herself. While DJ and Kimmy are invested in parenting, Stephanie is exploring other interests and doesn't necessarily need to settle down ASAP, even if that's something she wants in the future. Plus, given that Jimmy is a "gifted singer-songwriter," as TVLine describes, it sounds like him and Stephanie could be making sweet music together. Stephanie is definitely the Tanner sister who is carving out her own path in life, and this new guy might be the perfect dude to go down that path with.

Images: Netflix; Giphy