How To Mix Foundation To Make A Custom Blend

by Jessica Willingham

Finding the perfect foundation is a tall order, because there is no "perfect" foundation. While everyone can agree that a cool-tone red lip looks great no matter your eye color or skin tone, foundation is much more individual. That's why mixing your custom creation is a great idea! Here's how to make your own custom blend foundation for a flawless face.

For a long time, I thought mixing foundation was taboo. Wouldn't it just break up on my face? Can you mix matte and dewy formulas together? What's the point of mixing two foundations instead of finding one that really works for you?

Mixing your foundation is a heck of a lot easier than hunting for your ideal foundation. Chances are, it's not even out there (or if it is, it's crazy expensive). Mixing foundations helps you achieve the right shade, tone, and finish for your skin. It can be impossible to find a single foundation for a warm-toned fair gal with oily skin, but when you mix foundations you can get it just right. Consider it your very own makeup lab experiment!

When mixing, you're trying to achieve the perfect color, shade, and finish. Here's how to nail it.

1. For The Perfect Warm, Cool, Or Neutral Tone

When mixing for color, you want to either create a warmer, cooler, or more neutral tone. If you have a bit of a tan but your foundation is more pinkish, you want to mix the pink foundation with a more golden or yellow undertone. You can dab dots of each color onto your skin and blend out with a beauty blender for the perfect color.

Clinique Chubby In The Nude Foundation Stick in Abundant Alabaster, $24, Sephora

Clinique Chubby In The Nude Foundation Stick in Grandest Golden Neutral, $24, Sephora

2. For The Perfect Light Or Dark Shade

I love having two foundations handy at all times — one lighter, one darker. I'm covered from spray tans to sunburns and winter paleness, and mix the foundations to be lighter or darker depending on what I need that season (or day). Bonus: You can use the lighter shade exclusively in the winter and the darker shade as a contour.

Makeup Forever Ultra HD Foundation Invisible Cover Foundation in Soft Sand, $43, Sephora

Rainforest Of The Sea Water Foundation in Medium-Tan Sand, $39, Tarte Cosmetics

3. For The Perfect Finish

Creating the perfect finish is my favorite reason to mix foundation. I have combination skin — most of us do at some point depending on our cycles, climates, and diets. If matte is too matte and dewy is too dewy, you can mix the foundations for a formulation that feels just right. You can choose the same color in different formulations, like these L'Oreal True Match foundations.

L'Oreal True Match in Cappuccino, $12, Walgreens

L'Oreal True Match in Nut Brown/Cocoa, $13, Walgreens

Having the ability to mix your foundation is especially crucial during the warmer months when you're outdoors tanning and your skin shifts from light to dark. On the contrary, it's particularly helpful in the colder months when you're staying out of the sun and need more warmth than usual. In other words, creating a custom blend is key to creating a flawless complexion all year round.

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Image: Pexels