These Are The Best In 'MadTV' Parodies

Get ready to laugh into your stomach hurts. Hot off the news of MadTV’s 20th reunion special it’s been announced that CW is bringing MadTV back for an eight episode run. Since the series hasn’t even been on the air for you know, ballpark nine years, you may just have forgotten how absolutely hilarious the sketch comedy show was. So it may be high time to take to YouTube and rewatch some of the best MadTV parodies... in fact, I already got a head start on that.

Of course when it comes to any reboot the big, lingering question on everyone’s mind is, “Will it work?” MadTV never shied away from being politically incorrect, and upon my research I’ve found there’s no shortage of vintage video clips online that, you know, would not go over well today. Regardless, we can definitely appreciate the series for the way it took on your favorite pieces of (mostly mid and early 2000s) pop culture. It was unforgiving... and at the time, that’s kind of why you loved it so much.

So I won’t keep you hanging any longer. In order to get psyched for the show’s (hopefully triumphant) return, here’s 11 essential MadTV parodies.

1. The Hills

This is the episode where they go have sushi for Heidi's dog's birthday and Whitney makes that face a lot.

2. The Wizard Of Oz

I think this properly encompasses the veritable rage one would get if they were told they could've gone home at any point versus, you know, being violently pursued by an angry witch and all that jazz.

3. Grey's Anatomy

A great flashback to the early aughts of Grey's Anatomy. You know, ballpark 34 seasons ago.

4. Destiny's Child

This almost reads as an omen, but I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Destiny can only have one child.

5. Gilmore Girls

Yeah, yeah, yeah, we all love Gilmore Girls, but we can objectively admit that, yeah, sometimes their delightful babble sounded a lot wittier because they were talking too fast for anyone to process it.

6. Desperate Housewives

A great way to get you to miss Desperate Housewives... and then, not miss that first-rate ridiculousness at all.

7. Hannah Montana

She's just being Miley! As in like, modern day Miley Cyrus. IT TAKES A TURN.

8. Criss Angel

Throwback to the only man who wore more eyeliner than your 10th grade goth boyfriend.

9. Sex And The City

As a feminist, I respect a woman's right to do whatever she wants with her sexuality. As a fan of the show... I mean, it wasn't not this.

10. Britney Spears And Madonna

... the joke is that Madonna's old.

11. The Cover Of "Lady Marmalade" Off The Moulin Rouge Soundtrack

I really saved the best for last, because it blends in all of your old time MadTV mainstays. If you watch one video, let this be the sketch to properly fuel your excitement.

Images: Fox (1)