Jodie Sweetin Couldn't Hear The Music On 'DWTS'

Disney night on Dancing With the Stars was all set to be the perfect themed episode for fan favorite Jodie Sweetin: Not only did she grow up on Disney (ABC, the network that broadcasted Full House, is owned by Disney), but it was a theme that her kids couldn't be more excited for. (Her young daughter Beatrix adorably exclaiming that her "most favorite part of this day is that they're doing... Zootopia!" was definitely a highlight of her segment.) However, it was just not meant to be — Sweetin subtly struggled throughout the performance, her timing slightly off and out-of-step with pro partner Keo Motsepe. It was an off night that Sweetin explained was caused by her inability to hear the music. Will Jodie Sweetin's off performance on Disney night affect her negatively?

Well, there's no doubt that the judges took notice of the missed beats, with Carrie Ann Inaba assessing that the performance as a whole was "underwhelming," flat-out asking the actor "what happened?"

"I couldn't hear. I couldn't hear the music," Sweetin explained, visibly upset about the number. "Our amazing fans were so wonderful and screaming that I couldn't hear the music."

The judges' scores reflected their thoughts on the performance — giving #TeamMoSweet three sevens and one six for the night — one of the lowest scores of the evening.

Unfortunately, there's no doubt that this will affect Sweetin's chances of being eliminated. She and partner Keo Motsepe were already in jeopardy in tonight's episode (scoring lowest based on the judges' scores and fan votes from last week), but fortunately was saved from elimination due to Marla Maples' exit instead. While the judges' scores will be taken into consideration next week, fan votes could save her — and it's insanely clear that Sweetin definitely has the fan vote in her back pocket. After all, her supporters were cheering literally so loudly that she couldn't even hear! That's some serious dedication.

Hopefully, Sweetin's supporters will right that wrong and make sure she's safe next week — and maybe consider cheering more on the silent side next time.

Image: ABC/Todd Wawrychuk