Marla Maples Is Eliminated On 'DWTS'

Dancing With the Stars Season 22 has just axed their latest contestant: Marla Maples was eliminated from DWTS on Monday night (April 11), meaning that no amount of dancing like Ariel in The Little Mermaid (tonight was Disney-themed) will bring Donald Trump's ex back to the ballroom to compete this season. It was a moment that was sad for fans of Maples and her pro partner Tony Dovolani, but one that was perhaps not that surprising. Maples, who scored a 28 out of 40 tonight, was one of the two in jeopardy on Monday's episode, and ultimately did not score enough between fan votes and judge scores last week to edge Jodie Sweetin out of the competition. So alas, she was sent packing.

"It's been the most incredible experience," she said graciously. "Tony's been the most masterful teacher. Don't let those tears fool you: That was the tear of like, 'we've made it through last week.' Those were happy tears."

However, Dovolani was more candid in his response, revealing his shock while host Tom Bergeron noted the surprise on his face.

And while it makes sense that he would be surprised, considering Doug Flutie had the lowest score from the judges last week as Gossip Cop points out, it's not a total surprise that Maples was eliminated — particularly when she's facing off against Jodie Sweetin.

While Maples' biggest claim to fame is once being married to Donald Trump — a controversial figure, to say the least, particularly in today's political landscape — Sweetin most definitely had that fan vote on lock, considering she's been a beloved figure in the public eye for decades. Not only is Sweetin more well-known (with a fan base who was literally cheering for her so loudly she couldn't hear the music tonight), she has a bit more stake in the competition. So when it comes down to judge scores and fan votes, it's not too shocking that the one who pulled ahead was Sweetin — and the one who was forced to say goodbye was Maples.

Fortunately for Marla Maples, she handled her adieu in the classiest way possible, being grateful for her time on the show and all that she's learned along the way. May I even say that she was happy to be "A Part of Their World"? Disney puns FTW.

Image: ABC/Craig Sjodin