Kylie Lip Kits Might Eventually Come To Stores

by Kali Borovic

Kylie Cosmetics has quickly become one of the must-have brands on the market, so it only makes sense that Kylie Jenner would continue to expand her makeup empire. With a whole flock of lip colors and a few other products possibly in the works, eventually there won't be a website big enough to handle all of the Google-breaking traffic. Will Kylie Cosmetics ever be sold in stores? It might not be soon, but it seems like you can count on it happening eventually.

Snapchat pro, clothing designer, master businesswoman — I'm convinced that there's nothing that Jenner can't do. On top of gracing the cover of not one but two magazines all in the same week, Jenner sat down with Adweek to talk about her success as a makeup maven. Jenner also told the publication that she's been thinking about selling her products in stores, but not anytime soon.

"I've been thinking about it. Definitely not in the next year," Jenner told Adweek. "But if I were to sell in stores, I don't know that I would go to a big retailer. I would probably just do everything on my own. But that is still in discussion."

That's pretty exciting news, if you ask me! I can already see people waiting outside of stores for days to get their hands on a Lip Kit. It makes sense that an in-store launch or a Kylie Cosmetics brick and mortar shop wouldn't happen anytime soon — after all, if the Kylie Cosmetics site can't yet handle the volume of sales, just imagine the kind of damage her Lip Kits would do in a store!

In the interview, Jenner said that she's not purposely trying to make her products exclusive, it just kind of happened. "We only keep making more and more every single week and it sells out faster and faster," she tells Adweek. "Literally, I pray that it lasts more than 15 minutes every single time. I want people who just feel like buying a kit to be able to go online and buy it. I want that so bad. But right now, it doesn't seem possible."

Although the social media queen says that her products won't be available in stores for at least a year, there's a good chance that it could be much longer of a wait. There's no way to keep her products on the real shelves until the hype for Kylie Cosmetics slows down and she can keep some on the virtual shelves first. Or course, this is Jenner we're talking about, so just about anything is possible. Perhaps she can try a pop-up shop at a major retailer before committing to opening her own location?

No matter when or how the products arrive in stores, it will, without a doubt be worth the wait. Until then, you'll just have to stalk Jenner's social media pages and cross your fingers that you'll be able to successfully purchase her products online.

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