Alli Webb's Experts Tips For Extending A Blowout

There's no better feeling than getting your hair blown out. You don't have to do any work yourself, and your hair looks more fabulous than it does on the regs. But the downside? The cost. Getting your hair blown out routinely adds up, so it helps if you can make your blowout last as long as possible. I interviewed Alli Webb from Drybar to find out some expert tips for extending a blowout, so your good hair day can last (hopefully) all week long.

While you may be inclined to lather up and wash your hair every day or two, when you have a blowout, you want that fabulosity to last as long as humanely possible. I try and go at least a week or even longer before washing and retreating to my normal, not-so-polished locks, but maintaining your blowout beyond a day or two does take serious effort. Luckily, there are some tricks to help it last longer, and these come straight from a blowout expert, so you know they're legit.

If you want to make your blowout last, check out these tips from Alli Webb so that you don't have to wash or restyle your hair the day or two after you pay to get it done.

Here's all the exert knowledge you need to learn:

1. Sleep On A Silk Pillowcase

Drybar 'Slumber Party' Silk Pillowcase, $45.00,

It's not being high maintenance — silk is actually beneficial to your hair. "This can help prevent breakage, frizz and bed head," says Webb.

2. Try Rollers

High Tops Self-Grip Rollers, $10,

Even though it sounds grandma-ish, break out the rollers late at night. Webb says, "Sleep with a High Tops Self-Grip Roller set at your crown to keep your hair from falling flat or splitting while you sleep."

3. Use The Right Products

Triple Sec, $13,

One of the biggest problems with extending your blowout is your hair falling flat, so Webb reccommends giving yourself extra volume with a texture spray/volumizer.

4. Go Dry

Detox Dry Conditioner, $23,

Webb's must-haves? Dry shampoo and conditioner. "They absorb excess oils and make your hair look fresh!"

5. One-Up Humidity

Shower Cap, $16,

Don't let humidity ruin your blowout. Instead, Webb advises to use a shower cap whenever you shower to keep your blowout in tact.

6. Tie It Back Properly

Hold Me Hair Clips, $16,

Don't just throw you hair into your standard messy bun, you have to think smarter than that when you are trying to preserve a blowout. "I like to use Hold Me Hair Clips to clip my hair back in two twists in the direction of my curls. I might look like Princess Leia, but when I let it down in the morning, I have no indentations from the clips and my style stays fresh. Rubber bands and ponytails can cause breakage and unwanted indentations," Webb says.

7. Fake It 'Til You Make It

3 Day Bender Iron, $135,

When all else fails and your blowout has completely fallen (or if you've been a rockstar and managed to last a week and need an extra boost), use a curling iron to fake it. Add fresh waves to update your blowout, Webb suggests.

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Images: Pottery Barn; Drybar; Nordstrom