7 Free Things To Do On Tax Day 2016 That Will Make This Day Slightly More Enjoyable

Tax Day stinks, especially if you're not expecting to get anything back on a return. If you're secretly jealous over the fact that your friends are all using their returns to help fund a luxurious vacation, while you're wondering if you should temporarily cancel your streaming subscription to save a few extra bucks based on the bank deducting what feels like your life savings, you're not alone — and luckily, there are a bunch of free things to do on Tax Day that'll make this day just a little bit easier for you.

First thing's first — even though Tax Day typically falls on April 15, it's been extended this year to April 18. This is because of Emancipation Day, or, the day that Abraham Lincoln signed the Compensated Emancipation Act, which is celebrated on April 16. It's a federal holiday in Washington, D.C., which means that government workers get the day off — and since it falls on a Saturday this year, the tax deadline got bumped up a few days. So unfortunately, the extension wasn't because the government was feeling extra kind. That means that Tax Day falls on a Monday, and Mondays are universally awful as-is, so in reality, it's just another reason to dread the beginning of your work week.

Here's what you can expect to gain out of Tax Day this year that'll hopefully add a bit of life to, what could be, the worst day of the year.

1. Great American Cookies

If you're in the area of a Great American Cookies location, make sure you get in line for a free treat. Select locations will be giving away free regular-sized chocolate chip cookies, with no purchase necessary. If there's anything to cure Tax Day woes, it probably includes chocolate. Great American Cookies currently has 360 locations, mostly along the East Coast.

2. Hard Rock Cafe

If you're proud of your vocals (or just have no shame when it comes to beef), this might be a good deal for you. Those who "sing for their supper" will be awarded with a free Legendary Burger, which according to its menu, includes bacon and cheddar cheese. It might be embarrassing, but hey — at least the burger comes with fries.

3. Staples

Not all tax deals are food related — one of your ultimate favorite office supplies stores is also down to offer freebies. If you're into shredding, today is the day to gather all of your documents and haul them over to Staples, since they'll be offering free shredding for up to five pounds of paperwork. Plus, at Staples, you don't need to remove any staples or rubber bands, which is a relief, as if you've ever been an administrative assistant, you know that that's the worst part of shredding.

4. Schlotzsky's

With the purchase of a 32-ounce drink and a bag of chips, you can earn yourself a free small "The Original" sandwich at Schlotzsky's. Plus, if you take a photo of your free sandwich and post it on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag of #TaxDayBites, you'll be in the running for additional prizes.

5. Noodles & Company

If you've got a little one at home, they'll get a free kids meal with the purchase of an adult entree on April 18. It's also offering an online deal, which will get you $4 off of a dish that's $10 or more, if you use the code "TAXDAY" at checkout on their website.

6. HydroMassage

This may be my favorite freebie of them all. HydroMassage is offering a free massage between April 18 and April 22 to celebrate Tax Day, and all you need to bring is this coupon. While the site states that wait time might be long, isn't it worth it? I mean, come on. Free massage.

7. Kona Ice

Not only will Kona Ice be offering free shaved ice to those who file, but it'll make it even easier by coming to you. By tweeting at @KonaIce and asking where the nearest truck is to your own location, you can be directed towards the truck that's closest to you. Otherwise, they'll be located at select tax preparation centers and post offices, to ensure that everyone filing has the opportunity to chill out and relax with some tropical ice.

Of course, many other corporations are offering deals, and while not free, they'll definitely make you feel appreciated. For one, Boston Market is celebrating by offering quite a big meal — a half chicken meal with two sides, a drink, cornbread, and a cookie, to be exact — for just $10.40. (Get it? It's tax humor.) And if you're a fan of Chili's, and a fan of booze, it is offering up its Presidential Margarita for just $5 on Tax Day. Who knew such a dreaded holiday could be so rewarding?

Images: Giphy (4), Pixabay