Here's Why Kylie Jenner Needs To Do Brow Products

by Augusta Statz

When it comes to makeup, this girl knows what she’s doing. Whether you’re talking about application or creating products, she pretty much kills it at all things beauty-related. Is Kylie Jenner’s “Kybrow” a thing? Well, it certainly wouldn’t surprise me if it was. Not only has she reportedly filed trademarks for the names "Kybrow," "Kyliner," and "Kyshadow," reports the blog KylieLipKit, her brows are also always on-fleek. Both of which lead me to believe — a Jenner-approved brow product (or an entire kit, even) could be in our future. Jenner's reps did not respond to Bustle's request for comment.

Jenner’s been dominating the market with her lippies, largely thanks to the infamous lip look she’s got going on herself. Her brows, on the other hand, are always flawless, but they’re far less talked about. Knowing Jenner, she would definitely give us something to talk about if she dropped brow products. If "Kybrow" was anywhere near as good as her lippies, I have no doubt she'd have yet another sold out situation on her hands.

The makeup maven recently polled fans to see what products they’d like to see from Kylie Cosmetics in the future, and an eyebrow kit was just one of the options to choose from. It won with 47 percent of the votes, so maybe Jenner’s taking her Kylie's Kings’ advice to heart, after all. We can only hope, right?

Check out eleven times Jenner’s killed it with her eyebrows and get ready for the day when you’ll be able to nail her fierce brow look, too.

Is it an eyebrow kit you ask for? Then, an eyebrow kit you shall receive (hopefully)!

1. Perfect Arch

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Can we just talk about how perfect the shape of her brows were at her most recent appearance?

2. Barely There

Even when her brows look a little lighter, they still slay.

3. Brow Line On Display

Even a beanie couldn't hide that impeccable brow line.

4. Flat Bill Brows

And a flat bill only accentuates them.

5. Self-Applied Brow Makeup

Ben Gabbe/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Even when Jenner does her own makeup, her brows still look great. She clearly knows what she's doing.

6. Throwback

This throwback pic proves that she's known what's up in terms of doing her brows perfectly for a while now.

7. Full Glam Mode

Her brows, eyes and lips all look amazing here.

8. All Made-Up

She's definitely got what it takes to produce a full makeup line. Complete with "Kyshadows," mascara and more, if you ask me.

9. Natural Brows

Her brow shape shines even when she's wearing no makeup at all.

10. Enhanced Version

She knows just how to enhance her natural brow hairs with product.

11. Brows Don't Lie

Eyebrows can tell a lot about your makeup skill level. And Jenner's keeping it 100, as usual.

If there's anyone who thinks "Kybrow" wouldn't be amazing after seeing these photos... well, that would cause me to raise an eyebrow.

Because when it comes to defining your brows, Jenner does it perfectly. Every single time. And I have no doubts that "Kybrow" would help you do the same. So let's hope it's for real!

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