How To Conquer These 9 Foods That Are Hard To Eat

Have you ever declined to eat something because the process of extracting and consuming said food from its naturally incarcerated state required more effort than you felt appropriate for the payoff? Ship It Appliances has created some funny yet informative Ikea-style instructions for how to crack the shell, so to speak, on how to eat lobster and other hard-to-eat foods like avocados, artichokes, and even hard tacos. And, I have learned in the past few minutes, that you don't actually need a machete to eat a fresh coconut. This obviously opens up a world of possibilities for the un-macheted among us.

I have always wanted to be one of those super resourceful women who can do things like put snow chains on tires in one continuous motion and open canned goods with no can opener (I just looked this up, and now I am so empowered). Complete with the Ikea-ish trappings of Swedish and Norwegian alphabetical characters, these cartoons can actually positively contribute to your consumption of foods that seemingly do not want to be eaten. Don't waste another ounce of lobster tail, and conquer your fear of those whole fish that the grocery stores must be selling to someone.

Let's get resourceful, hungry humans.

While there may be no wrong way to eat a Reese's, apparently we're supposed to be eating sushi upside down. Upside down! This is actually blowing my mind. It makes so much logistical sense from a soy sauce delivery perspective. I'll see you guys later — I'm going to go eat some upside down sushi with a cupcake sandwich for dessert.

Images: Kathryn Kattalia; Ship It Appliances