12 Funny Prom Memes To Share Before The Big Night

Ah, prom. To some, it's the single most important social event of their entire high school career, and to others it's totally dorky and you couldn't pay them to go. Either way, it can be pretty hilarious. Rounded up below are 12 funny prom memes that nail the high school prom experience down to a tee, from dealing with your parents when they're being utterly embarrassing when your date comes to pick you up, to not having a date at all come prom night. Prom can go a lot of different ways, but if there's one thing that everyone has in common regarding it, it's a night that will never be forgotten.

I'm sure you can conjure up some memories from your own high school prom even if you're decades older now. You can probably even name who the chaperones were, what vehicle you arrived in, and what color your corsage was. Funny how those details stick with you, right? I can still remember how awkward it was taking those horrid prom photos in front of the cheesy backdrop. Do they still do that? They should really stop.

Anyhow, if you want my advice on how to handle your very first prom, here it is: don't stress. Have fun. Like the people in these memes, you're going to look back at your prom night with some level of embarrassment. There's no escaping it, so you might as well embrace it.

When prom night turns into the rest of your life.

There are few high school experiences more stressful than finding the perfect prom dress.

And then when you do find the right dress? Pure bliss.

Is it cool to do an outfit change mid-prom? Because there are way too many options to leave the store with just one.

There's a time and a place for everything.

You've been ready for this night for weeks.

How can you say no to that face?

What's that? Your heart just stopped beating and you can't see straight and you're pretty sure you might pass out in 30 seconds? Yep, sounds like teen love.

It really kind of is.

Congratulations on this accomplishment that will mean nothing to anybody 20 years from now!

So you better make it count.

And they're gonna be hilariously awkward.

Images: MemeCenter