When To Get Jeffree Star's New Liquid Lip Shade

Were you locked out of a Kylie Lip Kit on the most recent restock? I know, it sucks. If you aren't in the mood to wait for a new replenishment and aren't up for strategizing a Lip Kit shopping plan, you probably want to start seeking matte liquid lipstick alternatives. May I suggest Jeffree Star's Velour Liquid Lipstick? Now, I must warn you at the outset. The former Myspace-star-turned-makeup-maven's liquid lippies are an equally loved matte lip product and they sell out on the regular, as well. A majority of the shades are currently out of stock since it's a superior matte lipstick. But that isn't stopping the brand from launching a gorgeous, silvery mauve shade called "Scorpio." When is Jeffree Star Cosmetics Scorpio liquid lipstick available?

Get ready for some Saturday retail therapy, as you can shop the shade, along with a restock of the gorgeous bordeaux Unicorn Blood and the sanguine crimson Redrum lipsticks, on Saturday, April 16 at 10 a.m. PT/1 p.m. ET. Take a second to program a reminder in your iPhone so that you can get online, head to the Jeffree Star Cosmetics site, point, click, and attempt to shop at that exact time.

The brand shared a shot of the sexy new shade and the confirmed restock time and date on its official Instagram feed.

Scorpio is so unique, isn't it? It's a perfect execution of a purply silver hue. Yeah, and Unicorn Blood and Redrum are certainly adventurous and all sorts of hawt.

Even the hot pink packaging of the Scorpio Velour Liquid Lipstick is pretty. This shot is proof that Scorpio lipsticks exist and are so ready to be shopped and shipped. Again, I recommend getting online about 10 minutes prior to the on-sale time and having your credit card at hand so you can quickly shop and not be shut out.

Here is further confirmation of the time and date and an even better look at that purple gunmetal shade. You can also feel good about shopping and supporting an up 'n' coming brand.

Jeffree Star Cosmetics is also launching the Beauty Killer eyeshadow palette — its first— on May 25.

The brand's namesake also shared the Scorpio launch date on his personal Insta.

There are so many new products and hues on the horizon for JSC, which is mostly an e-commerce brand that sells its products on its site.

Images: Jeffree Star Cosmetics/Instagram (4); Courtesy Jeffree Star (1)