21 'Hamilton' Lyrics That Make Perfect Life Advice

Sometimes, life sucks. But, but, but, that does not mean it is all bad. With every major let down or loss, there is undoubtedly an equally as amazing thing yet to happen for you. It's just easy to lose sight of that when you're in the thick of of all the crappiness. Usually, when I'm going through a particularly rough time, I turn to music. And, honestly, if you're in need of a little musical therapy, look no further than the Hamilton lyrics to get you through life's disappointments.

For instance, if you can't actually go see the play, because it's probably easier to hitch a ride on a rocket ship to the moon with George Clooney as your pilot at this point, you're probably discouraged. And, as if that wasn't enough, according to the Associated Press, "Hamilton: The Revolution, is out of stock on Amazon, with an expected wait of nine to 12 days for a copy." Disappointments all around, people. And, yes, that includes those Hamilton-like lesser ones in addition to all of the other "real life" stuff we may or may not have going on.

In light of life's glass being sometimes half-empty, this is how you can fill it back up. Here are 21 lyrics from Hamilton that will uplift, inspire, empower, and kick you into gear when you're feeling down and out and disappointed:

1. "Let Me Offer You Some Free Advice. Talk Less. Smile More."

I am fully aware by the irony of using Kanye West as the example. But it's true. Sometimes, it's better to bite ones tongue to alleviate a situation. Also, contrary to popular jaded belief, it isn't a bad thing to be optimistic.

2. "You Wanna Get Ahead? Fools Who Run Their Mouths Often Wind Up Dead."

A sure fire way to not be disappointed? Don't count your chickens before they've hatched. And, don't go around talking about other people's chickens, either. Was that analogy too poultry-heavy? Just... mind your business. It'll save you the trouble.

3. "I Am Not Throwing Away My Shot."

The doors of opportunity will, from time to time, slam in your face, but don't get discouraged or become self-destructive.

4. "I'm A Diamond In The Rough, A Shiny Piece Of Coal."

You are growing, and learning, and not a full realized version of yourself. But, that doesn't mean you aren't still worthy in spite of your faults.

5. "I’m Laughing In The Face Of Casualties And Sorrow. For The First Time, I’m Thinking Past Tomorrow."

As Jay-Z would say, "Get that dirt off your shoulder."

6. "Look Around, Look Around At How Lucky We Are To Be Alive Right Now!"

Be appreciative, yo. There are so many good things happening, too.

7. "All I Have's My Honor, A Tolerance For Pain, A Couple Of College Credits, And A Top-Notch Brain."

Be confident in all the things you are. It'll make getting over rejection that much easier.

8. "There's A Million Things I Haven't Done, But Just You Wait. Just You Wait..."

As millennials, we all kind of expect to be CEO or president three years out of college, but that's just not how it goes (for most of us, anyway). So, instead of harping on your status or comparing yourself to others, be steadfast in your goals and keep your ambition alive.

9. "And If there’s A Reason I’m Still Alive When Everyone Who Loves Me Has Died, I’m Willing To Wait For It."

All right, this is a tad dramatic, but the sentiment is there. Don't count yourself out.

10. "I Am The One Thing In Life I Can Control."

This. Is. So. Important. It's hard, but own everything you do — your accomplishments and your failures. That's how you'll overcome.

11. "I’m Not Falling Behind Or Running Late. I’m Not Standing Still. I Am Lying In Wait."

Nagging parents got you down because you're still living with them at 25? I, uh, wouldn't know anything about that... Basically, don't give up. Everyone does things at their own pace. But maybe take your parents out to dinner every once in a while for their hospitality, you know?

12. "Life Doesn't Discriminate Between The Sinners And The Saints. It Takes And It Takes And It Takes And We Keep Living Anyway."

Simply put? No matter how bad it gets or how bleak things might seem, keep going. AKA, don't give up on that Hamilton ticket lottery just yet.

13. "I Am Not A Maiden In Need Of Defending. I Am Grown."

Pretty self explanatory although this line confusingly came from Washington's mouth. Don't let people belittle you. Ever.

14. "Look At Where You Are, Look At Where You Started."

It's easy forget all of the great things we've done when we're eager to take that next step but feel stunted. Sometimes, you need to take a step back and, as the lyrics say, "look."

15. "Let Me Tell You What I Wish I’d Known When I Was Young And Dreamed Of Glory: You Have No Control."

Frozen and Hamilton, what a duo. The thing is, despite their clear differences, this message is the same: Don't resist the unchangeable and the inevitable. Learn how to go with the flow.

16. "The Constitution's A Mess So It Needs Amendments. It's Full Of Contradictions. So Is Independence. We Have To Start Somewhere."

Nothing is perfect, nor will it ever be. Don't let that stop you. (Yes, I am talking to specifically to you, artists of all kinds, who throw away good work because it isn't automatically great.)

17. "Why Do You Assume You're The Smartest In The Room? Soon That Attitude May Be Your Doom!"

If you've been forcibly humbled, take the L. Learn from it and from others. And, maybe don't try to fact check your professor who has a doctorate in the subject material.

18. "Screw Your Courage To The Sticking Place."

Yes, it's Shakespeare. But, it's now Hamilton's too. Basically, stand your ground.

19. "I Swear Your Pride Will Be The Death Of Us All. Beware, It Goeth Before The Fall."

If you need help, ask for it.

20. "And When My Prayers To God Were Met With Indifference, I Picked Up A Pen. I Wrote My Own Deliverance."

If things aren't happening, make them happen. Your roommate didn't read your mind and buy taco ingredients? Go out and get the taco ingredients yourself. And then make those tacos.

21. "Legacy. What Is A Legacy? It’s Planting Seeds In A Garden You Never Get To See."

Have faith that things will work out. But do the work. And don't do things strictly for acclaim and praise. Like, post a selfie cause you want to, not because you want that dude who ghosted you after your third date to see what he's missing. That's what that means, right?

Oh, Hamilton. We do not deserve you.

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