Who Is Rachel McAdams Playing In 'Doctor Strange'?

So, I'm fully aware that we're slightly past the point of saturation as far as superhero movies go, but one I've actually been looking forward to is Doctor Strange. For Benedict Cumberbatch, sure — I wouldn't kick him out of bed for eating crumpets — but also for the rumor that Rachel McAdams will be playing Night Nurse. It was a rumor I wasn't sure I could believe, but, now the Dr. Strange trailer is here, and guess who crops up in it wearing some surgical scrubs and a sensible low pony? You guessed it: Rachel McAdams.

It's only for a brief second, so keep your eyes peeled, but your girl is clearly visible around 30 seconds into the two-minute long trailer, peering concernedly into the camera as she strides next to a hospital gurney that presumably contains Dr. Stephen Strange. In short, everything checks out for McAdams to be playing the Marvel offshoot character Night Nurse, the alter ego originally assigned to the character Linda Carter who is, you guessed it, a night nurse.

Oddly, it seems that McAdams' will actually play Christine Palmer, one of two roommates from the comics who lived with Linda Carter. It's a strange (sorry) choice to make, given that none of the women who've held the title of Night Nurse actually have any powers, so they seem pretty interchangeable> But maybe Marvel has something up their sleeves that we haven't heard about yet. In any case, here's the entirety of Rachel McAdams' appearance in the Dr. Strange trailer.

Here's hoping that its brevity is just to hide a larger role, and they make the best use possible of the very talented actress that is Rachel McAdams. I guess we'll all see in November, when Dr. Strange finally makes its way to our screens. But in the meantime, feel free to pore over the trailer and analyze it to death.

Images: Marvel; Marvel/GIF It!