"Ivy Park" Is Inspired By A Real Park

The anticipation for Beyonce's coveted Ivy Park clothing line drops is at an all-time high. The Bey hive is buzzing over the chance to snatch some of Ivy Park's athleisure essentials, counting down the minutes until the mix of high-performance sportswear and fashion-forward leisure wear lands in their closets. While patiently awaiting the launch, I've had a lingering question on my mind — is "Ivy Park" a real place? Well, yes and no.

While "Ivy Park" isn't technically a real place, the name was inspired by a significant park from Beyonce's childhood. If you watch the promotional video the singer released to coincide with the launch, you will see recurring images of an enchanting park, with an image of it's name and address shown at the end. The video reveals "Parkwood Park," a park located at the corner of Rio and Parkwood in Houston, A.K.A Beyonce's home town.

As the video progresses, Queen B discusses childhood memories of running through the park with her dad and how it is her source of inspiration for many things in her life. "Before I hit the stage I go back to that park," she says in one part, and in another, "the park became a state of mind."

So "Ivy Park" isn't technically a real park, but the second part of the name is based on an actual park from where Bey grew up.

As you can see, the video clearly reveals the exact location of this park.

Here it is, ladies and gentlemen, Parkwood Park.

A quick search on Google Maps confirms that Parkwood Park is indeed real.

And it looks glorious, doesn't it?

Check out the full video to see Parkwood Park up close.

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Images: Ivy Park (1); WeAreIvyPark/Youtube (4); Google (1)