Stop The Presses: Drake Has A Secret Snapchat

I can't be the only person in the world dying to know what Drake's Snapchat name is. Unlike many other celebrities, including DJ Khaled and various members of the Kardashian and Jenner families, Drake's presence on the app is mysterious, given his affinity for other forms of social media, like Twitter and Instagram. Allow me to explain: By all accounts, it seems Drake does have a Snapchat account. However, he doesn't seem to be letting the world know what his username is. There are definitely a few reasons for this, which I'll explore.

It definitely seems like Drake has his own account, or is at least very familiar with the app, thanks to his friend, the Snapchat king, DJ Khaled. Khaled revealed on his own Snapchat in January that he was working with Drake on some top-secret project... all while sitting next to Drake. Then, shortly thereafter, as Buzzfeed points out, Khaled gave a radio interview with BigBoyTV and the hosts asked him who he followed on Snapchat — after all, he recently won the ultra-prestigious Snapchatter of the Year award at the Shorty Awards, so it makes sense why people want to know who he follows.

Khaled nonchalantly answered: "I follow everybody that's in my phone book... because it gets added automatically... I follow Drake, Ross..."

Hold the phone. He flat-out admitted that Drake has a Snapchat. Further clues indicating that he does, in fact, have his own account include this mysterious video involving Sriracha that surfaced in February 2016. If that's not evidence enough, there's this adorable video of Drake with a cancer patient, in which he says it's "the best Snapchat I've ever done before." Aw. (Although, this could be a Snapchat from Megan's account, the fan he's posing with.)

He's was also spotted on the app in March and, most recently, in April, talking about his forthcoming album, Views from the 6 , using — what else? — a Snapchat filter. Fans have desperately been trying to unlock the key to Drake's secret Snapchat world, starting Reddit threads to uncover the mystery.

There are a few theories about what his username is, but so far, none have turned out to be the real Drizzy. Fans have mused that champagnepapi, which is also Drake's Instagram name, could be his Snapchat name, but it seems it can't be added. Other possibilities include theboy, theman, thekid drizzy, and run416.

It's entirely possible that Drake simply wants to enjoy the app like a "normal" person, without thousands of fans following his every Snap. It's also possible that he enjoys watching other people's Snaps without feeling pressure to post many of his own, and that's cool too. Or maybe he's simply waiting for a huge moment to make his official Snapchat debut... such as the release of a new album on April 29?

All I have to ask is: Drake, why so mysterious? Give the people what they want... and what they want is that flawless smile in their Snap stories.

Image: Giphy