Will 'New Girl' Season 6 Have Megan Fox? Her Storyline Ended In An Ambiguous Way

When I first heard that Zooey Deschanel was going to be MIA from multiple episodes in Season 5 of New Girl, like you, I was all kinds of skeptical. But I understood. She had to go have her baby. Things like giving life to a new human take priority over fiction. It was just that the show is titled after her character, and I wasn't sure how they'd fair without her. But then they did something to surprise me. They introduced a new, new girl in Megan Fox's Reagan, and, honestly, they made it work. Now that it has been renewed, I think it's safe to ask, will Megan Fox be back for Season 6 of New Girl ?

In terms of direction, they left Reagan's storyline open ended. Which, now seems very purposeful. If you recall, Reagan and Nick Miller, played by Jake Johnson, had an admission of interest and attraction right before she left town. Seems very suspicious to me. That cliffhanger of sorts, coupled with the fact that Jess is seemingly back together with her Season 2 doctor boyfriend, Sam, gives the show ample opportunity for Fox to play a major role in the upcoming season. So, what's the deal, then?

The deal is this: Fox will definitely be on New Girl again. But, per E! Online, the actor told them that she would be back, as they explain, for "the latter half of Season 5." It's news no one can be mad about, but, yeah, it would have been nice to know if she was coming back for the next season as well. Perhaps they don't know this far out in advance where they're taking things, but I still have hope.

Though, there is one tricky problem with her being back for Season 6, and it has nothing to do with her character. In an ironic turn of events, Fox is now pregnant herself, which would mean she'd probably also need some downtime like Deschanel did to give birth and recuperate. Maybe all that means is that she'll be back, but later on than we thought. I suppose, for now, It's still, as Nick would say, "Sayonara, Sammy." We'll just have to wait and see.

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