Drake's Twitter Rant About 'Rolling Stone' Kind of Insults Philip Seymour Hoffman

Drake is known as a more mellow singer, so he shocked fans by telling Rolling Stone in Friday's issue that Macklemore’s insta-famous apology text to Kendrick Lamar for “robbing” him of the Best Rap Album Grammy was “wack as fuck.” But on Thursday, Drake went on a Twitter rant about his interview with Rolling Stone and really released the Kraken — and it's pretty unsettling. Oh man. Let's divide and conquer.

First of all, Drake's interview in the Rolling Stone (which hasn't hit newsstands just yet) also contains a diss from Drake regarding some of Kanye West's rap lines on his Yeezus album and hip hop artist Fabolous.

“There were some real questionable bars on there. Like that ‘Swaghili‘ line? Come on, man," Drake was quoted as saying. "Even Fabolous wouldn’t say some shit like that.”

Drake was also quoted after the statement as saying, “Kanye’s the reason why I’m here. I love everything about that guy.”

Sounds a diss and then a quick backtrack to make for an explosive interview. However, Drake took to Twitter and claims that he never said those things, and also slammed Rolling Stone for yanking his cover at the last minute.

Yikes. So either Drake was mis-quoted or the quote was fabricated, which would look bad on Rolling Stone's end either way. And he's pissed that they took the cover from him. But why did they do that?

Sigh. Drake, Drake, Drake. Because this tweet is so convoluted and tasteless, you've now successfully taken the attention from Rolling Stone and put it squarely on you. Ok, so the magazine may have messed up with journalism ethics. You'll recover. But dragging Philip Seymour Hoffman into your catharsis is totally not necessary. Hoffman's family, friends, and fans are still reeling from his recent and tragic death, so it's no surprise that every magazine would want his picture on the cover now to honor his life. To be "disgusted" that you were misquoted, and more importantly, to have lost a magazine cover to a legendary actor who recently passed away, isn't an acceptable thing to reveal. Following up his tweet with "RIP to Phillip Seymour Hoffman. All respect due" isn't okay, either. If he had any respect, Drake would have left Hoffman out of it entirely. The last thing that Hoffman's legacy needs is to be posthumously entwined with is a Twitter rant and a stolen Rolling Stone cover. And since the press is evil, Drake won't be doing interviews with them anymore.

Fine, Drake. Give your music to the people and speak to your fans on Twitter — just leave your vitriolic feelings to yourself.