These Miniature Bike Vases Are Here Just In Time To Get Your Springtime Swag On

When it comes to eco-friendly aesthetics, there is perhaps nothing more chic than miniature bike flower vases — so whether you're a daily bike commuter or just whip out your wheels once in a while, you'll probably want to check these out. Though biking has always been a green alternative, it's about to get a little bit greener!

These gems were created by Colleen Jordan, an Atlanta-based designer and artist who runs a company called Wearable Planter, which designs products that allow you to take plants and flowers with you on the go. The super cool part about this is that their vases are actually 3D-printed and then finished by hand to attach easily to the handlebars of your bike. The company also sells other 3D-printed, wearable plant products, such as jewelry and badges that actually contain a tiny, living plant.

The company's Facebook page argues: "Why should your plants stay at home? They help clean the air you breathe, are beautiful, and create a wonderful conversation starter. Carry a sprout, a succulent, or a flower you found on your morning walk." Colleen says she draws her inspiration from the world around her, but was motivated to start her company when professors at Georgia Tech and Lund University showed little interest in her ideas. “Almost every professor I presented this idea to said I couldn’t explore it in their class, which of course motivated me to make these machinations a reality.”

Thankfully, she decided to head out on her own and create her own business. It really goes to show that just because someone else doesn't see the value in your ideas doesn't mean they aren't worth something (or really, a whole lot!). Colleen's mission is to make sure you're able to "take your plants on adventures," and though that's super funny and cool, it's actually a pretty amazing business idea. After all, we're likely going to spend money on aesthetics and decor regardless — why not cover your whole life in things that are alive!

Due to shipping restraints, the plants do not come with the products, unfortunately. "While this is a little inconvenient, please remember that plants can get sick, too, and tragedies like what happened to the American Chestnut can happen again when plants are brought to places where they are not native," the company's site notes. Despite this, the products are created on demand by a partner company and then shipped to you directly, so everything else is super reliable (and clearly, Earth-friendly!).

Check out some of the products below, and try not to swoon too hard... you can purchase these bikes vases, as well as her other products, on the company's Etsy shop account or their main site.

Images: Wearable Planter (4)