'No Men Beyond This Point' Imagines A World Where Men Are Going Extinct — EXCLUSIVE TRAILER

Close your eyes and envision a world where men don't exist. This is the premise of the mockumentary No Men Beyond This Point , which debuted at film festivals across the US and Europe last year. In the film, women have been able to reproduce without men since 1953, and they are no longer giving birth to males. The mockumentary takes place in 2016, and follows the youngest man still alive, at 37, who works as a lowly housekeeper (one of the only jobs men are allowed to have). He soon finds himself in the middle of a war to prevent men from going extinct.

The film offers a vantage point where women are in charge, and begs the question: What would the world look like if ladies ran it? (Yes, obviously Beyonce would approve).

The exclusive trailer features footage of women patrolling men. "Excuse me, you can't congregate in groups of more than two," says a preteen girl to a group of adult males.

But when it becomes clear that the men are nearing extinction, the women are town: Should men be allowed to continue to live? "Just let them die off!" one angry protestor yells.

It's a hilarious and heightened look at a world without men. No Men Beyond This Point debuts on DVD & Digital July 12.

Images: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment