Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen's First Instagram Selfie Comes With Some Disappointing News — PHOTO

Well, it's finally happened. After what seems like a lifetime, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have shared their first selfie on social media. What. Is. Happening? Is this real life? Before you get too excited, their social media presence isn't permanent, but for one day only. What a bummer, right?

According to the Instagram account of the twins' fashion company Elizabeth and James, they took over Sephora's Instagram for Wednesday, April 13. "It's happening," the announcement post reads. "Ashley and Mary-Kate are joining Instagram.....for one day. They're taking over @Sephora Weds, April 13 to give you a look into their day as Designers and Creative Directors of #elizabethandjames #mynirvana #SephoraTakeover."

I guess it's better than nothing, right? I mean, they could've avoided Instagram forever, but at least they are kind of giving their fans what they've hoped for a very long time — a look into their lives via social media.

As I'm sure you can imagine, their "first public selfie ever" is totally on point. Would you really expect anything less? Just look at them in their sunglasses being like, "Yeah, we can rock it on Instagram, too." I'm sure I speak for all of their biggest fans when I say, thank you, Sephora, for bringing Mary-Kate and Ashley onto IG. You know, even if it is only for one day.

In addition to their selfie, they've also shared other IG's of their day as designers. If you ever wanted to know about the former Full House stars' "beauty goals," here you go:

And here's what kind of material the 29 year-old talents are looking into for their next handbags:

Finally, this is what they eat for lunch, because it is important to "refuel":

I'm sure they will be sharing even more photos throughout their day, so stay tuned to Sephora for more. Here's hoping they share another selfie or at least sign off with another, because one just isn't enough.