Boho Kate Hudson Designs Athletic Clothes Now Because She's a Mom

Kate Hudson is one of those actresses who has managed to stay sunny, hilarious, and totally loveable throughout her entire career, no many how terrible movies she makes. She's known for her gamine, bohemian style — but her new design collaboration with JustFab (Kimora Lee Simmons' online fashion retail company) is called Fabletics, and yes, it's athletic wear.

Why has Kate abandoned her golden beach waves and haute couture to design a line of glorified leggings? Because she's a mom. And moms are too busy to change out of their gym clothes. Hudson gave WWD her thoughts on the collaboration's aesthetic: "As a working mom, I know what it’s like to be on the go and running around from one activity to the next. Sometimes you just don’t have time to change, but you still want to look cute."

Of course, moms are busy on a level to which some CEOs can't relate. But this moms-look-so-frazzled attitude is a little discouraging; it forces them to start off on the wrong foot. Moms get this patronizing attitude all the time: Oh, you poor thing, you look so stressed, try this Mom Cream and these Mom Jeans to disguise your Mom-ness. "Regular" women don't need special celebrity-designed gym clothes to help them get through the day— they get to wear fun, fashionable things, like real pants! (Sigh.) Kate Hudson seems like a wonderful mother, but she still gets to do her signature Kate Hudson thing, so it's a little bit sad that the rest of the moms get relegated to the athletic aisle once again.

See a preview look from Fabletics here.