31 Fanny Packs You Need For Festival Season

I know, you're probably reading this headline and thinking, "Are you for real?" And you know what? Yes! If you're going to spend days outside waving your hands around and dancing, fanny packs for festival season are exactly what you need. I promise they've come a long way since the '90s and can, in fact, be a surprisingly trendy accessory.

A fanny pack is straight-up the ultimate festival hack, and will safely secure all of your essentials. But just what should you pack? Beyond your tickets (duh), ID, and a little cash, Bustle's editors broke down their musical festival essentials and the list is 100 percent solid. Head fashion and beauty editor, Kara McGrath, is all about never forgetting sunscreen. She explained, "For an outdoor music festival, proper skincare is way more important than piling on makeup." #Truth

Another Bustle editor, Sara Tan, loves to keep things minimal, but high-quality. She shared, "Instead of packing my purse with tons of different things, I like higher-end products that make a major difference in my skincare. A face mist, some cover-up, lip treatment, and, of course, deodorant, are really all you need for a great weekend." Who can argue with that?

Now that you know what you need to pack, it's time to pick a fanny!

1. Pineapple Vibes

Pineapple Pack, $17, Etsy

I mean, can you even have a remotely bad day with this one?

2. Green Suede

Green Leather Pack, $20, NAZVA

Subtle and springy.

3. Elephant Pack

Elephant Pack, $29, Mangostin

This cute pack is made from recycled materials!

4. Zip Bumbag

Zip Bumbag, $21, Topshop

Topshop's mesh-like black bag exudes casual chic.

5. Herschel Supply Co. Fifteen Belt Bag

Fifteen Belt Bag, $30, Nordstrom

I'm loving the bright pop of peachy pink.

6. Textured Fanny Pack

Textured Fanny Pack, $27, Nasty Gal

Vegan leather flowers galore!

7. Pineapple Bumbag

Pineapple Bumbag, $32, Merri Making


8. Full-Grain Fanny Pack

Full-Grain Fanny Pack, $90, Hustle And Hide

Clean and classic.

9. Yellow Leather Fanny

Yellow Leather Fanny, $68, Mocha Bags

Sweet and sunny!

10. Floral Bumbag

Floral Bumbag, $30, B Fresh Gear

Digging the rustic floral on denim vibes happening here.

11. Galaxy Fanny Pack

Galaxy Fanny Pack, $17, Kandy Pack

This actually glows in black light!!

12. Never A Dull Moment Belt Bag

Never A Dull Moment Belt Bag, $58, Nasty Gal

I'm loving the mod angles on this one.

13. Nude Fringe Bag

Nude Fringe Bag, $165, Hipsters For Sisters

Yas Fringe Yas.

14. Go Wild Belt Bag

Go Wild Belt Bag, $27, Nasty Gal

Shine the brightest!

15. Premium Scuba Fanny Pack

Premium Scuba Fanny Pack, $21, Asos

This stunner back keeps things sleek and simple.

16. Ruffled Fanny Pack

Ruffled Fanny Pack, $26, Kinies

A fanny for your fanny!

17. Suede 4 U

Suede 4 U, $48, Nasty Gal

Is there anything this sweet pack wouldn't go with?

18. Canvas Belt Bag

Canvas Belt Bag, $24, Urban Outfitters

Feel good with a burst of warm florals!

19. Rodeo Trip Leather Belt Bag

Rodeo Trip Leather Bag, $48, Nasty Gal

Glam, glam, glam.

20. Metallic Pineapple Fanny Pack

Metallic Pineapple Fanny Pack, $26, Asos


21. Erin Dana Evan Belt Bag

Erin Dana Evan Belt Bag, $104, Nasty Gal

This cool mod design might just be worth the splurge.

22. Fluro Embellished Festival Fanny Pack

Fluro Embellished Festival Fanny Pack, $43, Asos

Turn up your sparkle with this fun and flirty pack.

23. Cotton Festival Belt

Cotton Festival Belt, $35, Lalli Design

When one fanny isn't enough...

24. Go Wild Belt Bag

Go Wild Belt Bag, $19, Nasty Gal

This cute leather clutch will go with EVERYTHING.

25. Canvas Belt Bag

Canvas Belt Bag, $24, Urban Outfitters


26. Fringe Leather Festival Belt

Fringe Leather Festival Belt, $250, Bohemian Hips

The price is worth it for all this stunner fringe.

27. Hipster Bird Bag

Hipster Bird Bag, $30, Nata Burgos

Get all those free bird vibes with this cute pack.

28. Mi-Pac Strawberry Pack

Mi-Pac Strawberry Pack, $17, Asos

Sweet and springy to the max.

29. Cute Mustard Fanny

Cute Mustard Fanny, $68, Rocks And Salt

I'm so into this cute mod shape and sunny hue!

30. Watermelon Bumbag

Watermelon Bumbag, $32, Merri Making

Dang, this pack just looks so refreshing and delicious.

31. Wax Canvas Hip Bag

Wax Canvas Hip Bag, $85, Aviveruty

I have this bag, and I completely love how sturdy and cute it is.

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Images: Courtesy of Brands