Beyonce’s Vacation Pics Are One Way To Make It Through Winter Storm Pax

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This winter has seemed seriously never-ending for a lot of us and because thinking positive thoughts is obviously not making the snow and cold end any sooner, let's just be insanely jealous of Beyoncé instead. Beyoncé posted a bunch of pictures from a tropical vacation to her envy-inducing Tumblr recently. According to reports, the photos were taken in the Domincan Republic, but Beyoncé didn't post the location herself. And does it really matter where she is? It's somewhere warm, somewhere beautiful, and somewhere we all wish we could be. East coasters, click through to escape from the utter desolation that is going on outside your windows right now. Everyone else, well, you can at least wish you had her sunglasses.

Image: Beyoncé/ Tumblr

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