Apple Marks Earth Day By Going Green & Unveiling A Spirited New Campaign You Can Feel Great About

At this time of the year, it's not unusual for brands, consumers, and organizations to turn their attention to the environment. Apple launched a new Earth Day partnership on Thursday, which you might recognize by the green leaf on the Apple logo at more than 100 retail locations around the world. You might also recognize it on some of your favorite apps.

Through April 24, Apple will illuminate this green logo, along with a great cause, by supporting the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and its efforts to protect the environment from climate change. In total, 27 apps, including Kendall and Kylie Jenner's app, Map My Run+, and VSCO, will make up Apple's Apps for Earth collection. Participating apps will donate 100 percent of their proceeds — from both downloads and some in-app purchases — to the WWF.

The Apple logo isn't the only recognizable symbol of the company to go green for the promotion. Apple's retail employees, long known for their blue "Genius" T-shirts, will don green shirts beginning on Friday. In the U.S., stores will use paper shopping bags, made from 80 percent recycled materials, and some locations will even host environmentally-themed events throughout the campaign. (If you were waiting for a green iPhone to be unveiled, though, you'll probably have to keep holding out.)

Ultimately, Apple is working to highlight the efforts of the WWF and the big problems it's trying to solve. According to WWF, deforestation is occurring at an unsustainable rate of roughly 48 football fields per minute. Similarly, in 2014, WWF's Living Planet Report found that populations of vertebrate species — including mammals, birds, reptiles, and more — have declined by 52 percent over the last 40 years, with much of that damage done by humans.

This isn't the first time that Apple has caused a stir, in the best possible way, over environmental issues. In 2014, Apple transitioned all of its facilities in the U.S. to renewable energy. In 2015, the company did the same for its stores in the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Italy, and Spain. Also that year, Apple stores around the world began allowing customers to return their products for free environmentally-friendly recycling.

Even with a global giant like Apple on board, there's still plenty of work to do for the environment. While you're thinking about Earth Day, remember that your favorite apps may be offering extra ways to give back to Mother Nature. If you forget, Apple's green leaf will surely remind you.