This Is 'Catfish's Craziest Love Triangle Ever

by Nicole Pomarico

If I've learned nothing else from what Max and Nev preach on Catfish every Wednesday night, it's that if someone won't meet up with you in person, there's something huge they're hiding about themselves. But what if the potential victim is the one being sketchy? Even though all online relationships come with a certain amount of baggage, none of it matches up to what this week's couple is facing. On Catfish , Joanna and Bo's love triangle threatens to ruin what could be a lifelong relationship — if they manage to come face to face first.

It all started when Joanna met Bo through Plenty of Fish, and it didn't take long before they fell in love. And the stakes are only raised because their relationship is the first one Joanna has ever had with a girl — and it could be the only one she needs to have for the rest of her life, if they could only meet face to face. The first time they attempted to meet up at a gay club, Joanna chickened out and canceled. The second time was during Joanna's trip to Vegas, when she met up with Joanna's friend, Ana, first... and ended up hooking up with her. Oops! Needless to say, that ruined their relationship, and Bo cut things off.

But even though their task is laid out for them, that doesn't mean it's easy. The name linked to Bo's number is actually Ana — her BFF. Wait, is it possible that Bo and Ana are the same person, and she created this drama for nothing?! They call her, and easily enough, she agreed to meet up with them. She admitted that after Bo broke things off with Joanna, she dated Ana for awhile, although they aren't talking anymore these days.

And then, the moment of truth. Nev asked to see any pictures Ana had of her and Bo together. This is real: Bo exists, and there's photographic proof... even if the photos are vastly different than the ones Joanna has been receiving. Instead of the tattooed woman Joanna has been in love with, the real Bo is actually a tattoo-free girly girl.

Joanna was heartbroken when Nev and Max reported back, but she still wanted to meet her to find out the truth. And even though this is the part where things get dicey, Bo quickly agrees, saying she wants to "get this over with." Yikes! When they meet up with Bo a few hours later, there's one more surprise in store: It's actually Ana, and it's been Ana the whole time. And Joanna is pissed. Can you blame her, though? "Bo" got so mad at her for sleeping with Ana, but she was Ana? OK. But what is not OK is that Joanna hauled off and hit Bo, and Bo is heartbroken. Ouch.

After everyone had a chance to cool down, Ana and Joanna came face to face again one more time. Ana apologizes profusely, but Joanna doesn't seem to want any part of forgiveness. She asks Ana to give her some time, and they'll go from there. So what happens after they have time? In the update, Ana is in a new relationship, and now Joanna is the one who wishes they could be more. Will this chain ever stop? Probs not, but after a story like this, anything is possible.

Image: MTV