What Sizes Do The Beyonce Ivy Park Clothes Come In? The Collection Comes In This Range — PHOTOS

Finally! Beyonce's Ivy Park collection, which is a standalone activewear range launched as a joint venture with Sir Philip Green and goes against the grain of the "usual" celeb clothing collabo, is now available for purchase at Topshop. The collection is packed with basics — you know, leggings, sports bras, hoodies, tees, bodysuits, more leggings, more bras, and jackets. These are pieces that you will want to live in, because they are as fashionable as they are functional. The clothes are engineered to be technical and high-performance, without sacrificing style. You certainly can wear a variety of pieces to the gym or while working out. But I am thinking I'd much rather rock Ivy Park pieces while running errands or having brunch with friends. The fact that the clothes serve both purposes is what makes them so amazing, though. Oh, that and the fact that Beyonce was hands-on in the development of the collection. Your next question has to be this: What sizes do the Ivy Park clothes come in?

The collection spans the general spectrum, as the sizes run from XS to XL. Beyonce, Topshop, and the design team kept the sizes mostly standard. At this time, the range does not offer plus sizes. Bustle reached out to reps for the brand to see if Ivy Park plans to expand into more sizes in the future and to see if there is any official comment about the lack of plus sizes upon launch.

Logo Crew Neck Tee, $26, Ivy Park

The standard sizes do allow for a variety of styling options.

The loose-fit logo tee lets you enjoy a roomy look but also expresses your love and support of the Queen Bey's new brand. You can buy the shirt in a smaller size if you want a tighter fit or you can buy it in a bigger size if you want something more flowy and voluminous. So don't balk at the $26 price tag for such a versatile piece.

Sheer Mesh Hoodie, $70, Ivy Park

This mesh hoodie is so turnt. It's not just a regular ol' cozy and cute hoodie. The sheer texture gives it a fashiony boost. Again, you can rock a smaller size for a snug fit or go bigger for a looser, comfier, Sunday morning feel.

"Y" High-Rise Ankle Leggings , $75, Ivy Park

There tons of leggings options in the Ivy Park collection. These also run from XS to XL.

V-Back Mesh Insert Bra, $36, Ivy Park

The sports bras also run from XS to XL. It's not about the cup size, though. These are probably best to shop in person rather than online to ensure proper fit, IMO.

Hexagon Mesh Parka, $140, Ivy Park

Doesn't the hexagon pattern mimic snakeskin, making this cute parka even more fashionable? Like the rest of Ivy Park's offerings, the size options run the gamut from XS to XL.

Logo Slides, $35, Ivy Park

These sandals come in half-sizes so you can schlep around the house in style.

Ultimately, Ivy Park is a line of staples that comes in straight sizes.

Images: Courtesy Ivy Park (7)