How Do 3D Snapchat Stickers Work? Impress Your Friends With This New Snap Hack

Turns out Snapchat just doesn't want to quit bringing us cool new stuff this month, so they're introducing 3D stickers. How do 3D Snapchat stickers work? Like magic — that's how. Guess who's knocking on the front door? If you guessed The Future, you'd totally be right. Now you can include amazing 3D Snapchat stickers that move along with your videos, making you Snapchat #queenz for life. Are you as excited as I am right now? For those of you who are lucky enough to have Android phones, this feature is already available to you. To those who have iPhones, do not fret — the iOS version will be coming out soon enough. For now, you can delve deeper into the background of this feature, and patiently await your turn to test it out for yourself.

This year has seen big tech giants invest in virtual reality and augmented reality like never before. Everyone is trying to get a piece of the futuristic technologies that we have previously only dreamed of. And why shouldn't they? We've imagined how amazing our world could be through the magic of movies for decades! It seems real-world technology is finally catching up. 3D stickers are considered "augmented reality," which means a slightly altering a real image rather than fully altering it. As an Economist article put it, augmented reality is like that scene in The Terminator where he uses his robot eye to load useful information onto the screen. Augmented reality is improving on what we already have — different from virtual reality, which takes us visually into a totally different world.


So what does this ultimately mean? I guess it's mostly a signifier of a change in technology that we are witnessing first hand. Soon, other apps and companies will utilize this ability to enhance our online experiences. Will this mean we will all be living in the matrix in a couple of decades? I cannot say for sure. I can tell you that so far you will have the ability to make videos like this:

Looks freaking awesome to me! Obviously, you have your own style of Snapchatting, so you can do whatever your little heart desires in terms of design. Here are some of the more popular ways you can use the feature.

So how do you make the magic happen? All you have to do to make this work on your phone is record a video, find a sticker, and hold down the sticker so it "sticks". Then you just plan out the trajectory of the picture by long-pressing with your finger, and you're done. It's all very intuitive, but just in case, here is another in depth look on how the function works:

TechCrunch on YouTube

So if you have an Android go out there and make some cool videos. If you have iOS, wait for a little while longer, or steal your friend's phone. Happy Snapping!

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Images: Pexels